Family of Leopold (John) KELLER and Emilie (KELLER)

Husband: Leopold (John) KELLER (1822-1905)
Wife: Emilie (KELLER) (1830-1914)
Children: Emilie Louisa KELLER (1851-1922)
Albert Leopold KELLER (1853-1907)
Edward Augustus KELLER (1856-1909)
Leopold Ernest KELLER (1857-1930)
Herman Ludwig Arthur KELLER (1859-1918)
Lousia Matilda KELLER (1862-1945)
Alice Ida KELLER (1866-1919)
Frederick Walter KELLER (1869-1907)
Rudolph Henry KELLER (1871-1954)
Marriage "Abt 1850"

Husband: Leopold (John) KELLER

Name: Leopold (John) KELLER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1822 Oberstamp, Germany
Occupation Goldsmith and Diamond Merchant
Immigration 5 Sep 1839 (age 16-17) from Rotterdam
Arrived on SS Batavia.
Immigration 24 Aug 1844 (age 21-22) to London from Oldenburg, Germany
Arrived on ship Sir E Banks
Census 1851 (age 28-29) Finsbury, London
88 Hatton Gardens
Living with wife Emilie and daughter Louisa aged 3 mths born Holborn
Travel 13 Sep 1854 (age 31-32) New York, USA
Travelled on SS St Louis from Cowes. Descibed as merchant travelling alone
Census 1861 (age 38-39) Islington, London
11 Turle Road
With wife and family plus Louisa Maria KELLER, niece and Amelia KELLER, niece
Census 1871 (age 48-49) Edmonton, London
Elms House, Middle Lane
Living with wife Emily and children
Census 1891 (age 68-69) Hornsey, London
Elm House MIddle Lane
Living with wife Emilie, and sons, Hermann L and Frederick W & Rudolph and Grandsons Michael & Eric HUNTER plus his daughter and Emily and her husband William HICKES
Residence 1896 (age 73-74) Hornsey, London
Field Middle Road
Land Tax Records ahow ownership to Lwopold with a land value of38 Pounds and a Tax of 15 shillings and tenpence
Census 1901 (age 78-79) Hornsey, London
Elm House, Middle Lane
Living with wife Emilie and son Fred W
Death 8 Oct 1905 (age 82-83) Hornsey, London
Elm House
Probate to Albert Leopold, Edward Augustus and Leopold Ernest. Value 61772 pounds and 17 shillings

Wife: Emilie (KELLER)

Name: Emilie (KELLER)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1830 Germany
Census 1911 (age 80-81) Hornsey, London
Elm House, Middle Lane
Living with Capt RH Keller, Sherwood Foresters. Louisa Matilde HUNTER, daughter, widow b. 1862 and daughter Emilie HICKES
Death Jan 1914 (age 83-84) Hornsey, London

Child 1: Emilie Louisa KELLER

Name: Emilie Louisa KELLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Alexander Jardine HICKES (1849-1923)
Birth Jan 1851 Hornsey, London
Census 1881 (age 29-30) Hornsey, London
Middle Lane
Living with husband an children Emilie & William
Census 1901 (age 49-50) Hornsey, London
6 Palace Road
Married. Servants only in residence
Census 1911 (age 59-60) Hornsey, London
Elm House MIddle Lane
Married. Living in home of her Mother
Death 9 Jun 1922 (age 71) Barons Court, Middlesex
108 Barons Court Road
Probate to Emilie Katherine MURRAY and Lily Violet BRYANT

Child 2: Albert Leopold KELLER

Name: Albert Leopold KELLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Julia Hackwood BROADHURST (1854-1932)
Birth Jul 1853 Hornsey, London
Census 1881 (age 27-28) Finchley, Middlesex
South Lodge
Living with wife Julie and her sister and brother Florence M 23 b. East Ham and Cecil H 15 b. Wanstead BROADHURST.
Occupation Diamond Merchant
Census 1901 (age 47-48) St Pancras, Middlesex
5 Gordon Place
Living with wife and niece/adopted daughter (22) b. Bow J K C Julia BROADHURST
Death 31 Jul 1907 (age 53-54) St Pancras, Middlesex

Child 3: Edward Augustus KELLER

Name: Edward Augustus KELLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Louise Howard JACKSON (1858-1916)
Birth 1856 Kensington, London
Occupation Dealer in Precious Stones
Emigration 4 May 1905 (age 48-49) from Liverpool, Lancashire to New York
SS Oceanic
Final destination Furgus Company, MONTANA
Death 3 Feb 1909 (age 52-53) East Sheen, Surrey
Probate to Mary Louise and Frank H C S WOOD. Estate 30163 pounds 5 shillings

Child 4: Leopold Ernest KELLER

Name: Leopold Ernest KELLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Evelyn Rebie ROBINS (1862-1921)
Birth 9 Jun 1857 Obertstein, Germany
Census 1901 (age 43-44) Walton on Thames, Surrey
Rathcoole, Station Road, Hersham
Living with wife and children Phyllis, Rebie, Roderick & Hugh
Census 1911 (age 53-54) Woking, Surrey
Rathcool, Hook Heath
Living with wife and children Phyllis, Rebie, Roserick and Josceline
Occupation Merchant, Precious Stones
Death 24 Dec 1930 (age 73) Enfield, Middlesex
Wairoa, Hadley Wood

Child 5: Herman Ludwig Arthur KELLER

Name: Herman Ludwig Arthur KELLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ada Elizabeth (KELLER) (1867-1937)
Birth Jul 1859 Hornsey, London
11 Turle Road
Living with parents
Census 1861 (age 1-2) Islington, London
Census 1881 (age 21-22) Oxford
6 King Edward Street
Census 1891 (age 31-32) Hornsey, London
Elm House, Middle Lane
Living with parents
Emigration 5 Oct 1894 (age 35) to British Columbia
Travelled to New York and on to British Columbia on SS Germanic
Census 1901 (age 41-42) Whitstable, Kent
2 Wave Crest
Living with wife and son
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Surgeon
Emigration 18 Feb 1902 (age 42) from Liverpool, Lancashire to British Columbia via Boston
Travelling with wife and son.on SS Ivernia
Census 1911 (age 51-52) Kelowna City, British Columbia, Canada
Ellis Street
Living with wife and son
Travel 11 Apr 1911 (age 51) London
Travelled on SS Minneapolis from New York to London with wife and son.
Death 25 Jun 1918 (age 58) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Probate to Rudolph Henry KELLER retired Lt Col HM Army. 4614 pounds

Child 6: Lousia Matilda KELLER

Name: Lousia Matilda KELLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Stephen HUNTER (1859-1892)
Birth Jan 1862 Hornsey, London
Census 1891 (age 28-29) Ecclesall Beirlow, Sheffield
Greystones Hall
Living with Father and Mother in Law
Census 1901 (age 38-39) Hampstead Middlesex
124, Broadhurst Gardens
Living alone
Census 1911 (age 48-49) Hornsey, London
Elm House, Middle Lane
Living with Mother, sister Emilie HICKES and brother
Death 9 Sep 1945 (age 83) Woking, Surrey
Fircones, Worplesdon Hill
Probate to Evelyn PIRIE, spinster and Ian Michael HUNTER, scientific ministry officer for aircraft production

Child 7: Alice Ida KELLER

Name: Alice Ida KELLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Patrick W PIRIE (1859-1933)
Birth Oct 1866 Hornsey, London
Death Dec 1919 (age 53) Tonbridge, Kent

Child 8: Frederick Walter KELLER

Name: Frederick Walter KELLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel Mary FARMILOE (1868-1903)
Birth 1869 Hornsey, London
Occupation Stockbroker
Death Oct 1907 (age 37-38) Edmonton, London

Child 9: Rudolph Henry KELLER

Name: Rudolph Henry KELLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence Mary SHAW ( - )
Birth 1871 Hornsey, London
Occupation Army - Captain, Sherwood Foresters
Census 1911 (age 39-40) Hornsey, London
Elm House, Middle Lane
Living with Mother
Death Dec 1954 (age 82-83) Surrey North Western
Awards DSO

Note on Husband: Leopold (John) KELLER (1)

Granted Freedom of City of London by Redemption in the Company of Fruiterers

Note on Husband: Leopold (John) KELLER (2)

Leopold was travelling from the continent on a number of occasions between 1838 and 1844