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Family of Charles Henry HEWES and Amy DUGUEMIN

Husband: Charles Henry HEWES (1868-1943)
Wife: Amy DUGUEMIN (1870-1943)
Children: Irene Beatrice Mildred HEWES (1892- )
Muriel Jasmina Harriet HEWES (1893- )
Charles Percy Victor HEWES (1895- )
Bernard Osmond Charles HEWES (1896- )
Roy Edward Cecil HEWES (1901- )
Marriage 7 Apr 1892 Guernsey, Channel Islands

Husband: Charles Henry HEWES

Name: Charles Henry HEWES
Sex: Male
Father: Allen HEWES (1837-1898)
Mother: Harriet THOMPSON (1842-1918)
Birth 6 Nov 1868 Leicester, Leicestershire
Photographer. Living with wife Amy and daughter Irene
Baptism 12 May 1869 (age 0) Leicester, Leicestershire
St Mathews
Census 1871 (age 2-3) Leicester, Leicestershire
Denmark Terrace, Palmerston Street (2 Court N)
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 12-13) Leicester, Leicestershire
51 Dorset Street
Living with parents
Occupation Army - Staff Sergeant, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Service Record 9 Apr 1886 (age 17) Leicester, Leicestershire
Jined Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Discharged 18 April 1907 on termination of Service
Census 1901 (age 32-33) Pontefract, West Yorkshire
Barracks of KOYLI
Living with wife and children
Census 1939 (age 70-71) Pontefract, West Yorkshire
Eversley Mill, Hill Lane
Living with wife Amy and daughter Irene
Death Apr 1943 (age 74) Pontefract, West Yorkshire


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 15 Mar 1870 Catel, Guernsey, Channel Islands
Death 21 Sep 1943 (age 73) Pontefract, West Yorkshire
Eversley Mill, Hill Lane

Child 1: Irene Beatrice Mildred HEWES

Name: Irene Beatrice Mildred HEWES
Sex: Female
Spouse: VICKER ( - )
Birth 22 May 1892 Alderney, Channel Islands

Child 2: Muriel Jasmina Harriet HEWES

Name: Muriel Jasmina Harriet HEWES
Sex: Female
Birth 3 Aug 1893 Belfast, N. Irleand

Child 3: Charles Percy Victor HEWES

Name: Charles Percy Victor HEWES
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Mar 1895 Pontefract, West Yorkshire

Child 4: Bernard Osmond Charles HEWES

Name: Bernard Osmond Charles HEWES
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Jun 1896 Pontefract, West Yorkshire

Child 5: Roy Edward Cecil HEWES

Name: Roy Edward Cecil HEWES
Sex: Male
Birth 28 Jan 1901 Pontefract, West Yorkshire