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Family of Arthur George TYDD and Emilia (Amy) Catherine HERBERT

Husband: Arthur George TYDD (1867-1926)
Wife: Emilia (Amy) Catherine HERBERT (1868- )
Children: May Eleanora TYDD (1904-1981)
Felice Amy TYDD (1907-1982)
Beryl Mavis Aileen TYDD (1910- )
Trevor Urban TYDD (1911- )
Arthur George Gordon TYDD ( -1968)
Marriage 27 Nov 1886 Lucknow, Bengal, India

Husband: Arthur George TYDD

Name: Arthur George TYDD
Sex: Male
Father: Arthur George TYDD (1840-1868)
Mother: Margaret Charlotte MORRELL (1843- )
Birth 1867 Dunedin City, Otago, New Zealand
Occupation Goods Agent for B.B. & C.I. Railway
Death 6 Jul 1926 (age 58-59) Khar, Bombay, India
Cause: Pernicious Anaemia

Wife: Emilia (Amy) Catherine HERBERT

Name: Emilia (Amy) Catherine HERBERT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 15 Jun 1868 Saugor, Bengal, India

Child 1: May Eleanora TYDD

Name: May Eleanora TYDD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Otto Herman WIELE (1898-1960)
Birth 14 May 1904 Bombay, India
Immigration 19 Mar 1954 (age 49) to Hampstead Middlesex from India
30 Bernard Road
Travelled on SS Strathaird to London with husband and children
Residence btw 1955 and 1956 (age 50-52) Paddington, Middlessex
132d Sutherland Avenue
Living with husband Otto and Vilma Marie WIELE
Death Oct 1981 (age 77) Kensington, Middlesex

Child 2: Felice Amy TYDD

Name: Felice Amy TYDD
Sex: Female
Spouse: FORD ( - )
Birth 11 Feb 1907 Ahmebadad, Bombay, India
Death 19 Jul 1982 (age 75) Weybridge, Surrey

Child 3: Beryl Mavis Aileen TYDD

Name: Beryl Mavis Aileen TYDD
Sex: Female
Birth 11 Mar 1910 Ahmebadad, Bombay, India

Child 4: Trevor Urban TYDD

Name: Trevor Urban TYDD
Sex: Male
Birth 2 Nov 1911 Ahmebadad, Bombay, India

Child 5: Arthur George Gordon TYDD

Name: Arthur George Gordon TYDD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Vera Nellie HEWITT ( - )
Death 7 Nov 1968 Victoria, Australia