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Family of John ROWE and Margaret Ann VIPOND

Husband: John ROWE (c. 1855-1935)
Wife: Margaret Ann VIPOND (1858-1887)
Children: Ernest James ROWE (1878-1901)
Harold Vipond ROWE (1882-1953)
Cecil John ROWE (1884-1959)
Florence Lavinia ROWE (1886-1887)
Marriage 1877 Victoria, Australia

Husband: John ROWE

Name: John ROWE
Sex: Male
Father: James ROWE (1821-1879)
Mother: Lavinia TERRILL (1824-1895)
Birth c. 1855 Chaine, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Inspector of Mines
Death 1935 (age 79-80) Chaine, Victoria, Australia

Wife: Margaret Ann VIPOND

Name: Margaret Ann VIPOND
Sex: Female
Father: James VIPOND ( - )
Mother: BELL ( - )
Birth 1858 Alston, Cumberland
Emigration 3 Apr 1863 (age 4-5) from Liverpool, Lancashire to Melbourne, Australia
Trabelled with Mother and siblings in SS Great Britain
Death 25 Oct 1887 (age 28-29) Kyneton, Victoria, Australia

Child 1: Ernest James ROWE

Name: Ernest James ROWE
Sex: Male
Birth 1878 Victoria, Australia
Death 12 Jun 1901 (age 22-23) Willmansrust, South Africa

Child 2: Harold Vipond ROWE

Name: Harold Vipond ROWE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ivy Lillian JONES (1893-1970)
Birth 29 Mar 1882 Fryerstown, Victoria, Australia
Occupation Mining Surveyor
Death 28 May 1953 (age 71) Swan, Western Australia

Child 3: Cecil John ROWE

Name: Cecil John ROWE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence Louisa RUTHERFORD (1888-1969)
Birth 1884 Fryerstown, Victoria, Australia
Death 12 May 1959 (age 74-75) Newcastle City, New South Wales, Australia

Child 4: Florence Lavinia ROWE

Name: Florence Lavinia ROWE
Sex: Female
Birth 1886 Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Death 1887 (age 0-1) Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia