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Family of Thomas Frederick SWINDALL and Mary Isabella ALLARDYCE

Husband: Thomas Frederick SWINDALL (1815-1881)
Wife: Mary Isabella ALLARDYCE (1833-1922)
Children: Frederick W SWINDALL (1854- )
Alice Isabella SWINDALL (1855- )
Florence E SWINDALL (1860- )
Caroline L SWINDALL (1862- )
Marriage 28 Mar 1852 Lambeth, Surrey

Husband: Thomas Frederick SWINDALL

Name: Thomas Frederick SWINDALL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1815 Kennington, Surrey
Occupation Printer Compositor
Death Apr 1881 (age 65-66) Strand, Middlesex

Wife: Mary Isabella ALLARDYCE

Name: Mary Isabella ALLARDYCE
Sex: Female
Father: Archibald ALLARDYCE (1803-1860)
Mother: Isabella LAUMANN (1805-1888)
Birth 13 Oct 1833 Holborn London
Census 1861 (age 27-28) Islington, Middlesex
27 St Peters Street
Living with husband and children
Census 1881 (age 47-48) Hackney, Middlesex
71 Mortimer Road
Widow. Living with daughters
Census 1911 (age 77-78) Southgate, Middlesex
74 Shrewsbury Road
Living with her Grandaughter - Lydia Florence BARLOW and her family
Death Jul 1922 (age 88) Edmonton, Middlesex

Child 1: Frederick W SWINDALL

Name: Frederick W SWINDALL
Sex: Male
Birth 1854 Lambeth, Surrey

Child 2: Alice Isabella SWINDALL

Name: Alice Isabella SWINDALL
Sex: Female
Birth 1855 Lambeth, Surrey

Child 3: Florence E SWINDALL

Name: Florence E SWINDALL
Sex: Female
Birth 1860 Islington, Middlesex

Child 4: Caroline L SWINDALL

Name: Caroline L SWINDALL
Sex: Female
Birth 1862 Islington, Middlesex