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Family of Archibald De Lacy ALLARDYCE and Susan Rebecca ALDRIDGE

Husband: Archibald De Lacy ALLARDYCE (1831-1909)
Wife: Susan Rebecca ALDRIDGE (1831-1899)
Children: Isabella Susan ALLARDYCE (1855-1942)
Maria Caroline ALLARDYCE (1856-1920)
Phoebe Louisa ALLARDYCE (1858-1910)
Elizabeth Emma ALLARDYCE (1859-1937)
Archibald Aldridge ALLARDYCE (1861-1934)
Henry William ALLARDYCE (1867-1953)
Marriage 28 Feb 1854 Hackney, Middlesex

Husband: Archibald De Lacy ALLARDYCE

Name: Archibald De Lacy ALLARDYCE
Sex: Male
Father: Archibald ALLARDYCE (1803-1860)
Mother: Isabella LAUMANN (1805-1888)
Birth 22 Jan 1831 Islington, Middlesex
Occupation Baker
Census 1851 (age 19-20) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
George Street
Journeyman Baker living in the home of Wiliam SHAND
Census 1861 (age 29-30) Deptford, Kent
11 Grove Street
Living with wife Susan and children. Mother in Law Susan ALDRIDGE also in residence
Census 1871 (age 39-40) Oxford, Oxfordshire
28 Pembroke Street
Living with wife and children. Susan ALDRIDGE, Widow aged 76 also in residence as a Boarder
Census 1881 (age 49-50) Tower Hamlets, Middlesex
22 Elder Street
Living with wife Susan and children Elizabeth and Henry
Census 1901 (age 69-70) Hackney, Middlesex
167 High Street
Bakery. Living with daughter Maria and Son in Law, Henry JESSUP
Death Oct 1909 (age 78) Oxford, Oxfordshire

Wife: Susan Rebecca ALDRIDGE

Name: Susan Rebecca ALDRIDGE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1831 Hackney, Middlesex
Death Jan 1899 (age 67) Hackney, Middlesex

Child 1: Isabella Susan ALLARDYCE

Name: Isabella Susan ALLARDYCE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick Joseph THOMAS (1854-1916)
Birth Feb 1855 Kingsland, Middlesex
1 Market Place, Southland Road
Death 30 Jan 1942 (age 86) Oxford, Oxfordshire
The Rise, Barton Road, Headington
Probate to Phyllis Isabel THOMAS

Child 2: Maria Caroline ALLARDYCE

Name: Maria Caroline ALLARDYCE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry JESSUP (1858-1912)
Birth Jan 1856 Hackney, Middlesex
Census 1871 (age 14-15) Oxford, Oxfordshire
28 Pembroke Street
Living with parents
Census 1901 (age 44-45) Homerton, Middlesex
167 High Street
Living with husband Henry and Father in Law Archibald ALLARDYCE
Occupation Baker
Census 1911 (age 54-55) Homerton, Middlesex
167 High Street
Living with husband. Had had one child who had died.
Death 12 Aug 1920 (age 64) Clapton, Middlesex
35 Genarm Road
Probate to Henry William ALLARDYCE, architect and Thomas CLOUGH, Bootmaker

Child 3: Phoebe Louisa ALLARDYCE

Name: Phoebe Louisa ALLARDYCE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Heinrich LUCAS ( - )
Birth Jan 1858 Kingsland, Middlesex
Death Feb 1910 (age 52) West Ham, Essex

Child 4: Elizabeth Emma ALLARDYCE

Name: Elizabeth Emma ALLARDYCE
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Charles William PONSFORD (1858-1892)
Spouse 2: Thomas CLOUGH (1855-1923)
Birth Oct 1859 Bermondsey, Surrey
Census 1881 (age 21-22) City of London
22 Elder Street
Living with parents
Census 1891 (age 31-32) Preston, Sussex
45 Viaduct Road
Living with husband and children
Census 1911 (age 51-52) Wimbledon, Surrey
6 Alverstone Avenue
Living with husband Thomas, her children PONSFORD and daughter Annie CLOUGH
Death Jan 1937 (age 77) Fulham, London

Child 5: Archibald Aldridge ALLARDYCE

Name: Archibald Aldridge ALLARDYCE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Ann TUTTY (1867-1935)
Birth 26 Oct 1861 Deptford, Kent
Occupation Draper; Upholsterer
Census 1871 (age 9-10) Oxford, Oxfordshire
28 Pembroke Street
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 19-20) Sheering, Essex
Clyde House
Boarding in the house of Elizabeth POWELL
Census 1921 (age 59-60) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
52 Close Avenue, Ward 6
Living with wife Elizabeth adn son D Harold
Travel 25 Jul 1925 (age 63) Southend on sea, Essex
Wilmer Cottage
Travelled on SS MELITA with son Archibald and gradaughter from Quebec to Southampton
Death 1 Feb 1934 (age 72) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Child 6: Henry William ALLARDYCE

Name: Henry William ALLARDYCE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice Margaret BACON (1871-1943)
Birth 23 Feb 1867 Oxford, Oxfordshire
Census 1901 (age 33-34) Ilford, Essex
91 Woodlands Road
Living with wife Alice and daughter Margaret
Census 1911 (age 43-44) Ilford, Essex
54 Ranelagh Gardens
Living with wife Alice and daughters
Census 1939 (age 71-72) Ilford, Essex
1 Breamore Court
Occupation Architect
Death 1 Oct 1953 (age 86) Ilford, Essex
1 Breamore Court
Died at King George Hospital, Ilford