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Family of Josiah JACKMAN and Anne GREEN

Husband: Josiah JACKMAN (1806-1891)
Wife: Anne GREEN (c. 1811- )
Children: John JACKMAN (1833- )
Thomas JACKMAN (1835- )
Sarah JACKMAN (1836- )
Mary Ann JACKMAN (1838- )
Joseph JACKMAN (1840- )
William JACKMAN (1843- )
James JACKMAN (1846- )
Emma JACKMAN (1847- )
Marriage Aug 1832 Ashwick, Somerset

Husband: Josiah JACKMAN

Name: Josiah JACKMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Josiah (Isacher) JACKMAN (1775-1828)
Mother: Sarah GIBLETT (1776-1843)
Birth 24 Mar 1806 Shepton Mallett, Somerset
Occupation Cooper
Census 1841 (age 34-35) Stoke Lane, Somerset
Living with wife Ann and children
Census 1851 (age 44-45) Ashwick, Somerset
Little London
Living with wife Eliza and children
Census 1861 (age 54-55) Ashwick, Somerset
Little London
Living with wife Eliza and children
Census 1881 (age 74-75) Ashwick, Somerset
Living with wife Eliza, children Ellen, Elizabeth & Eleonora and Grandchildren Rowland HARVEY (9) and Alice ROFF (5)
Death Jan 1891 (age 84) Shepton Mallett, Somerset

Wife: Anne GREEN

Name: Anne GREEN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1811 Ashwick, Somerset

Child 1: John JACKMAN

Name: John JACKMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1833 Somerset

Child 2: Thomas JACKMAN

Name: Thomas JACKMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1835 Stoke Lane, Somerset

Child 3: Sarah JACKMAN

Name: Sarah JACKMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1836 Stoke Lane, Somerset

Child 4: Mary Ann JACKMAN

Name: Mary Ann JACKMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1838 Somerset

Child 5: Joseph JACKMAN

Name: Joseph JACKMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1840 Stoke Lane, Somerset

Child 6: William JACKMAN

Name: William JACKMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1843 Stoke Lane, Somerset

Child 7: James JACKMAN

Name: James JACKMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1846 Stoke Lane, Somerset

Child 8: Emma JACKMAN

Name: Emma JACKMAN
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1847 Ashwick, Somerset