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Family of Charles John MACKRELL and Louisa DENNISON

Husband: Charles John MACKRELL (1855-1929)
Wife: Louisa DENNISON (1854-1937)
Children: Ellen Amelia MACKRELL (1882- )
Louisa Fanny MACKRELL (1884- )
Frederick John MACKRELL (1886- )
Emily Marion MACKRELL (1888- )
Winifred May MACKRELL (1890- )
Reginald Dennison MACKRELL (1892- )
Marriage Oct 1880 St Georges, Hanover Square, London

Husband: Charles John MACKRELL

Name: Charles John MACKRELL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Feb 1855 Crondall, Hampshire
Occupation Shopkeeper
Death Oct 1929 (age 74) Aldershot, Hampshire

Wife: Louisa DENNISON

Name: Louisa DENNISON
Sex: Female
Father: William DENNISON (1817-1859)
Mother: Martha BATCHELER (1813-1885)
Birth Jul 1854 St Georges, Hanover Square, London
Census 1891 (age 36-37) Crondall, Hampshire
Reading Road
Living with husband and children
Census 1901 (age 46-47) Crookham, Berkshire
Reading Road
Census 1911 (age 56-57) Fleet, Hampshire
Reading Road Post Office
Living with husband and children
Death Apr 1937 (age 82) Aldershot, Hampshire

Child 1: Ellen Amelia MACKRELL

Name: Ellen Amelia MACKRELL
Sex: Female
Birth 1882 Ash, Surrey

Child 2: Louisa Fanny MACKRELL

Name: Louisa Fanny MACKRELL
Sex: Female
Birth 1884 Ash, Surrey

Child 3: Frederick John MACKRELL

Name: Frederick John MACKRELL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Minnie WALL ( - )
Birth 1886 Ash, Surrey

Child 4: Emily Marion MACKRELL

Name: Emily Marion MACKRELL
Sex: Female
Birth 1888 Ash, Surrey

Child 5: Winifred May MACKRELL

Name: Winifred May MACKRELL
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Henry PRATT ( - )
Birth 1890 Aldershot, Hampshire

Child 6: Reginald Dennison MACKRELL

Name: Reginald Dennison MACKRELL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ellen Beatrice MEADER ( - )
Birth 1892 Fleet, Hampshire