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Family of Charles Johnson THOMAS and Susan BOYS

Husband: Charles Johnson THOMAS (1832-1875)
Wife: Susan BOYS (1829-1913)
Children: Alice Jane THOMAS (1862- )
Charles Edward Smart THOMAS (1864- )
Edith Mary THOMAS (1866- )
Ernest Alfred Johnson THOMAS (1869- )
Arthur Henry THOMAS (1870-1911)
Marriage 16 Oct 1860 Chalton, Hampshire

Husband: Charles Johnson THOMAS

Name: Charles Johnson THOMAS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 26 Jul 1832 Bungay, Suffolk
Occupation Linen Draper and Dressmaker
Death Apr 1875 (age 42) East Preston, Sussex

Wife: Susan BOYS

Name: Susan BOYS
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas BOYS (1800-1894)
Mother: Ann MARTIN (1800-1831)
Birth Dec 1829 Chalton, Hampshire
Baptism 6 Dec 1829 (age 0) Chalton, Hampshire
Census 1841 (age 11-12) Chalton, Hampshire
Living with Father and stepmother Harriett
Census 1851 (age 21-22) Chalton, Hampshire
Living with Father and stepmother

Census 1861 (age 31-32) Kensington, Middlesex
172 Brompton Terrace
Living with husband and his sister
Census 1871 (age 41-42) Worthing, Sussex
32 South Street, Broadwater
Living with husband and children
Census 1881 (age 51-52) Worthing, Sussex
31 South Street, Broadwater
Widow. Living with children
Occupation Fancy Draper
Census 1891 (age 61-62) Worthing, Sussex
5 Westbourne Terrace, Christchurch Road
Living with children
Census 1901 (age 71-72) Worthing, Sussex
4 Oxford Road
Living with daughter Alice
Census 1911 (age 81-82) Worthing, Sussex
Oxford Lodge, 12 Oxford Road
Living with daughter Alice
Death Apr 1913 (age 83) East Preston, Sussex

Child 1: Alice Jane THOMAS

Name: Alice Jane THOMAS
Sex: Female
Birth 1862 Kensington, Middlesex

Child 2: Charles Edward Smart THOMAS

Name: Charles Edward Smart THOMAS
Sex: Male
Birth 1864 Kensington, Middlesex

Child 3: Edith Mary THOMAS

Name: Edith Mary THOMAS
Sex: Female
Birth 1866 Worthing, Sussex

Child 4: Ernest Alfred Johnson THOMAS

Name: Ernest Alfred Johnson THOMAS
Sex: Male
Birth 1869 Worthing, Sussex

Child 5: Arthur Henry THOMAS

Name: Arthur Henry THOMAS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel Blanche WILLMOTT ( - )
Birth Jan 1870 Worthing, Sussex
Occupation Stationer
Death 14 Apr 1911 (age 41) Withycombe, Devon
2 Grange Terrace
Probate to widow Ethel Blanche