Family of Richard John SHARPS and Ann ANGELL

Husband: Richard John SHARPS (1806-1859)
Wife: Ann ANGELL (1811-1881)
Children: Anne SHARPS (1833- )
Thomas Angell SHARPS (1836-1900)
Marriage 14 May 1832 Highworth, Wiltshire

Husband: Richard John SHARPS

Name: Richard John SHARPS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1806 Highworth, Wiltshire
Census 1841 (age 34-35) Highworth, Wiltshire
Occupation Farmer of 670 Acres
Death Apr 1859 (age 52-53) Highworth, Wiltshire

Wife: Ann ANGELL

Name: Ann ANGELL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1811 Highworth, Wiltshire
Census 1861 (age 49-50) Highworth, Wiltshire
Living with son Thomas and companion Henrietta Packer
Census 1871 (age 59-60) Speen Berkshire
11 Donnington Square
Living with Companion Henrietta Packer
Census 1881 (age 69-70) Speen Berkshire
11 Donnington Square
Living with companion Henrietta Packer
Death Apr 1881 (age 69-70) Speen Berkshire

Child 1: Anne SHARPS

Name: Anne SHARPS
Sex: Female
Birth 1833 Highworth, Wiltshire
Census 1841 (age 7-8) Highworth, Wiltshire
Living with mother and father

Child 2: Thomas Angell SHARPS

Name: Thomas Angell SHARPS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Elizabeth HICKS (1836-1903)
Birth 1836 Highworth, Wiltshire
Occupation Farmer of 700 Acres
Census 1841 (age 4-5) Highworth, Wiltshire
Census 1851 (age 14-15) Highworth, Wiltshire
Faringdon Road
Living with Father and Mother
Census 1861 (age 24-25) Highworth, Wiltshire
Swidon Street
Living with Mother (Widow) farmer of 55 Acres
Census 1871 (age 34-35) Brightwalton, Berkshire
Manor Farm
Residence 1874 (age 37-38) Brightwalton, Berkshire
Brightwalton Farm
Electroal roll as tenant or owner of property with rateable value of 50 pounds or over
Census 1881 (age 44-45) Brightwalton, Berkshire
Manor Farm
Census 1891 (age 54-55) Brightwalton, Berkshire
manor farm
Death 5 Aug 1900 (age 63-64) Ealing Middlesex
9 Montpelier Road
Probate to Richard Eugene and Thomas Percy - sons value 47664 pounds