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Family of John Oscar ARTHUR-WORSOP and Ethel Margaret DENCH

Husband: John Oscar ARTHUR-WORSOP (1918-1978)
Wife: Ethel Margaret DENCH ( - )
Children: Murray John ARTHUR-WORSOP ( - )
Margaret ARTHUR-WORSOP ( - )

Husband: John Oscar ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: John Oscar ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Father: John Charles ARTHUR-WORSOP (1878-1961)
Mother: Daisy GUBB (1879-1954)
Birth 6 Feb 1918 Auckland, New Zealand
Occupation Shepherd
Residence 1946 (age 27-28) Auckland, New Zealand
60 Woodward Road
Living with parents
Death 27 Oct 1978 (age 60) Aukland, New Zealand
Buried in Old Papateoteo Cemetery

Wife: Ethel Margaret DENCH

Name: Ethel Margaret DENCH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Residence 1872 Aukland, New Zealand
17 Coral Crescent, Otahuhu
Living with Husband and son

Child 1: Murray John ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: Murray John ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Occupation Economist
Residence 1978 Palmerston North, New Zealand
126 Feathersone Street

Child 2: Margaret ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: Margaret ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Female