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Family of Charles HIDE and Annie Elizabeth PHILLIS

Husband: Charles HIDE (1876- )
Wife: Annie Elizabeth PHILLIS (1877-1901)
Children: Charles HIDE (1900-1968)
Marriage Jan 1900 Battle Sussex

Husband: Charles HIDE

Name: Charles HIDE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1876 Hastings Sussex
Occupation Brewers Clerk

Wife: Annie Elizabeth PHILLIS

Name: Annie Elizabeth PHILLIS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: Elizabeth PHILLIS (1854- )
Birth Jul 1877 Hastings Sussex
Census 1881 (age 3-4) North Waltham, Hampshire
Popham Lane Cottage
Living with grandparents
Census 1891 (age 13-14) North Waltham, Hampshire
Living with Aunt Emily
Census 1901 (age 23-24) Hastings Sussex
71 High Street, St Clements
Living with husband Charles and son
Death 9 Oct 1901 (age 24) Hollington, Sussex
Probate to Harriett TITCHANER wife of Frederick TITCHANER

Child 1: Charles HIDE

Name: Charles HIDE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel A GRAY (1894- )
Birth 2 May 1900 Hastings Sussex
Baptism 17 Jun 1900 (age 0) Hastings Sussex
Census 1911 (age 10-11) Hastings Sussex
4 Croft Terrace
Living with Grandmother Clara Jane HIDE
Census 1939 (age 38-39) Hastings Sussex
22 Edmund Road
Living with wife Ethel
Occupation Senior Clerk, Building Society
Death Oct 1968 (age 68) Hastings Sussex