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Family of Henry TINSLEY and Emma FLETCHER

Husband: Henry TINSLEY (1832-1876)
Wife: Emma FLETCHER (1832-1913)
Children: Ada Mary TINSLEY (1857-1930)
Florence TINSLEY (1859-1911)
Alexander Laming TINSLEY (1861-1905)
Herbert Harry TINSLEY (1863-1939)
Lilian TINSLEY (1863-1949)
Clarissa TINSLEY (1864-1912)
Emmeline TINSLEY (1865-1958)
Marriage Oct 1854 Peterborough. Northamptonshire

Husband: Henry TINSLEY

Name: Henry TINSLEY
Sex: Male
Father: Henry TINSLEY (1796-1877)
Mother: Sarah LAMING (1807-1863)
Birth 1832 Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Occupation Farmer of 308 Acres
Census 1841 (age 8-9) Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Holbeach Drove
Census 1851 (age 18-19) Peterborough Northamptonshire
Palmers Hill, Newborough
Visiting with family of Emma Fletcher
Census 1861 (age 28-29) Holbeach, Lincolnshire
3 Farm House, Charington Road, Fleet
Visiting was Louisa Fletcher, sister in law
Census 1871 (age 38-39) Fleet Lincolnshire
Cherringtons Road
Death 18 May 1876 (age 43-44) Parson Drove Fen, Cambridgeshire


Sex: Female
Father: Thomas FLETCHER (1801-1877)
Mother: Rebecca HOWARD (1808-1884)
Birth 1832 Croyland, Lincolnshire
Census 1841 (age 8-9) Newborough, Northamptonshire
Thorney Road
Census 1851 (age 18-19) Peterborough
Palmers Hill Newborough
Census 1861 (age 28-29) Fleet Lincolnshire
3 Farm house, Charington Road
With family
Census 1871 (age 38-39) Fleet Lincolnshire
Charington Road
with Henry and Herbert Harry
Census 1891 (age 58-59) Fleet Lincolnshire
Fleet Road
With Florence, Lilian and Clarissa
Census 1901 (age 68-69) Fleet Lincolnshire
With Ada Mary and Lilian
Census 1911 (age 78-79) Fleet Lincolnshire
Beech Hurres
With Ada M and Lilian
Death 24 Dec 1913 (age 80-81) Fleet Lincolnshire

Child 1: Ada Mary TINSLEY

Name: Ada Mary TINSLEY
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1857 Fleet Fen, Lincolnshire
Census 1861 (age 3-4) Fleet Lincolnshire
Living with Mother and Father and Sister Florence and Brother Herbert
Census 1871 (age 13-14) Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
The Castle School
At Boarding School
Census 1881 (age 23-24) Church Gresly, Derbyshire
Beech Hurst House
Staying with Aunt and Uncle - George and Martha MAPLES - Civil Engineer and Coal prop.
Census 1891 (age 33-34) Leicester
St Nicholas Square
Living with brother Herbert
Census 1901 (age 43-44) Fleet Lincolnshire
Living with Mother and Sister, Lilian
Census 1911 (age 53-54) Fleet Lincolnshire
Beach Hurres
Living with Mother and Sister Lilian
Death 4 Jan 1930 (age 72) Fleet Lincolnshire

Child 2: Florence TINSLEY

Name: Florence TINSLEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas Percy SHARPS (1869-1930)
Birth Oct 1859 Fleet, Lincolnshire
Census 1861 (age 1-2) Fleet Lincolnshire
3 Farm House
Census 1871 (age 11-12) Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
The Castle
Boarding School with sister Ada
Census 1881 (age 21-22) Aythorpe Roothing, Essex
The Hall
Visiting family of James and Mary REEVE, Farmer of 332 Acres
Census 1891 (age 31-32) Fleet Lincolnshire
Fleet Fen
Living with Mother and sisters
Census 1901 (age 41-42) Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales
Denham House, Park Terrace
Housekeeper in home of Samuel B MASON
Residence 6 Apr 1904 (age 44) St Leonards on Sea, Sussex
St Peters Road
Death 12 Feb 1911 (age 51) Wantage, Oxon
Manor Farm, Bright Walton
Probate to husband Thomas

Child 3: Alexander Laming TINSLEY

Name: Alexander Laming TINSLEY
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1861 Fleet Fen, Lincolnshire
Baptism 5 Feb 1863 (age 1) Newborough, Northamptonshire
Census 1871 (age 9-10) Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Living with his Uncle & Aunt William & Fanny TINSLEY
Death 30 Sep 1905 (age 44) Beverley, Yorkshire
Probate to his sister Lilian

Child 4: Herbert Harry TINSLEY

Name: Herbert Harry TINSLEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Septima JARVIS (1863-1951)
Birth Jan 1863 Gedney Hill, Lincolnshire
Baptism 5 Feb 1863 (age 0) Newborough, Northamptonshire
Parish Church
Living in Fleet Fen
Census 1871 (age 7-8) Fleet Lincolnshire
Living with Father and Mother
Census 1881 (age 17-18) Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire
19 Church Street
Living in home of Henry and Elizabeth BULLEN - Grocer
Occupation 1881 (age 17-18) Apprentice Grocer; Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire
Census 1891 (age 27-28) Leicester
St Nicholas Square
Living with sister - Ada M. Described as Family grocer.
Occupation 1891 (age 27-28) Family grocer; Leicester
Census 1901 (age 37-38) St paul Leicester
100 Warwick Street
Occupation 1901 (age 37-38) Manager Cigar Factory; Leicester
Census 1911 (age 47-48) Leicester
94 Paget Road
Occupation 1911 (age 47-48) Commercial Traveller; Leicester
Death 15 Mar 1939 (age 76) Leicester
84 Paget Road
Probate to wife Septima

Child 5: Lilian TINSLEY

Name: Lilian TINSLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 15 Dec 1863 Fleet Fen, Lincolnshire
Census 1939 (age 75-76) East Elloe, Lincolnshire
20 Albert Street
Living with sister Emmelinen
Death 20 Apr 1949 (age 85) Holbeach, Lincolnshire
Albert Street
Spinster. Probate to sister Emmeline

Child 6: Clarissa TINSLEY

Name: Clarissa TINSLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 11 Nov 1864 Fleet Fen, Lincolnshire
Occupation School Teacher
Death 15 Feb 1912 (age 47) Fleet, Lincolnshire
Spinster. Probate to sister Lilian

Child 7: Emmeline TINSLEY

Name: Emmeline TINSLEY
Sex: Female
Birth 7 Nov 1865 Fleet Fen, Lincolnshire
Census 1871 (age 5-6) Moulton, Lincolnshire
Austin Dyke
Visiotr to home of uncle and aunt - George and Sarah r PLOWRIGHT
Census 1891 (age 25-26) Croydon, Surrey
83 Brighton Road
Governess in the home of Thomas and Matilda Carmichael - Stockbroker
Census 1939 (age 73-74) East Elloe, Lincolnshire
20 Albert Street
Living with sister Lilian
Death 18 Jan 1958 (age 92) Holbeach Marsh, Lincolnshire
Spinster. Probate tp Solicitors