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Family of John Charles VINCENT and Catherine VENN

Husband: John Charles VINCENT (1842- )
Wife: Catherine VENN (1860-1938)
Children: Ernest Albert VINCENT (1890-1944)
Marriage 1878 New Zealand

Husband: John Charles VINCENT

Name: John Charles VINCENT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1842
Criminal Record 8 Jun 1906 (age 63-64) Wellington, New Zealand
Palmerston North
Fine or 7 days for being drunk & disorderly

Wife: Catherine VENN

Name: Catherine VENN
Sex: Female
Father: George VENN (1820-1896)
Mother: Ellen Catherine SUMMERS (1833-1896)
Birth Jul 1860 Hackney, Middlesex
Census 1861 (age 0-1) Hackney, Middlesex
2 New Cut
Living with parents
Death Apr 1938 (age 77) Wellington, New Zealand
Palmerston North

Child 1: Ernest Albert VINCENT

Name: Ernest Albert VINCENT
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Jan 1890 Wellington, New Zealand
Death 15 Sep 1944 (age 54) Wellington, New Zealand