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Family of Gordon Douglas HUNTER and Mary Hartley Reid ROSS

Husband: Gordon Douglas HUNTER (1909-1949)
Wife: Mary Hartley Reid ROSS (1911-2000)
Children: Catherine M HUNTER (1938- )
Marriage Jul 1937 Romford, Essex

Husband: Gordon Douglas HUNTER

Name: Gordon Douglas HUNTER
Sex: Male
Father: William Stevenson HUNTER (1872-1918)
Mother: Jeanie Currie CRAIG (1875-1956)
Birth 29 Nov 1909 Ilford, Essex
Census 1939 (age 29-30) Hornchurch, Essex
98 Park Drive
Occupation Designer in Ladies Mantle Trade
Death 16 Mar 1949 (age 39) Upminster, Essex
98 Park Drive
Died in Hill End Hospital, St Albans. Probate to wife Mary

Wife: Mary Hartley Reid ROSS

Name: Mary Hartley Reid ROSS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 3 May 1911 Romford, Essex
Census 1939 (age 27-28) Truro, Cornwall
Tre-ru, The Leats
Living in the home of Bertram & Gertude LIGHTBURN; 1 redacted entry next to her name
Death Nov 2000 (age 89) Brentwood, Essex

Child 1: Catherine M HUNTER

Name: Catherine M HUNTER
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1938 Romford, Essex