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Family of William Craig BURT and Louisa WILDEN

Husband: William Craig BURT (1833-1902)
Wife: Louisa WILDEN (1853-1883)
Children: Eleanor Willden BURT (1874-1954)
Louisa Wilden BURT (1875-1966)
Charles Willden BURT (1877-1954)
Thomas Wilden BURT (1879-1941)
Erastus Willden BURT (1880-1963)
Marriage 19 Jan 1874 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Husband: William Craig BURT

Name: William Craig BURT
Sex: Male
Father: William BURT (1810-1891)
Mother: Jannet CRAIG (1813-1871)
Birth 11 Feb 1833 Wick, Caithness, Scotland
Emigration 22 Oct 1849 (age 16) from London, England to New York, USA
Travelled on SS Victoria
Census 31 Aug 1870 (age 37) Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
South Cottonwood
Living with wife Margaret & children
Census 1870 (age 36-37) Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
South Cottonwood
Living with wife Margaret and children John, William, Willard, Margaret, Jane, Agnes and James
Census 1880 (age 46-47) Washington, Utah, USA
St George City
Living with wife Louisa , and children Eleanor, Louisa, Charles & Thomas
Occupation Plasterer
Death 23 Aug 1902 (age 69) Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Wife: Louisa WILDEN

Name: Louisa WILDEN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 15 Dec 1853 Iron County, Utah, USA
Death 28 May 1883 (age 29) Washington, Utah, USA

Child 1: Eleanor Willden BURT

Name: Eleanor Willden BURT
Sex: Female
Birth 5 Apr 1874 Beaver County, Utah, USA
Death 11 Jan 1954 (age 79) Los Angeles. California, USA

Child 2: Louisa Wilden BURT

Name: Louisa Wilden BURT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Benjamin Franklin LOVE (1871-1949)
Birth 24 Oct 1875 Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Death 15 Jul 1966 (age 90)

Child 3: Charles Willden BURT

Name: Charles Willden BURT
Sex: Male
Birth 18 Jan 1877 Washington, Utah, USA
Death 3 Sep 1954 (age 77) Lethbridge, Alberta Canada

Child 4: Thomas Wilden BURT

Name: Thomas Wilden BURT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lillie Velovo BARNSON ( - )
Birth 3 Oct 1879 salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Occupation Plasterer
Death 5 Apr 1941 (age 61) Boulder City, Clark, Nevada, USA

Child 5: Erastus Willden BURT

Name: Erastus Willden BURT
Sex: Male
Birth 2 Jul 1880 Washington, Utah, USA
Death 28 Jan 1963 (age 82) California, USA