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Family of Fred Craven NAYLOR and Marguerite Cecily FLETCHER

Husband: Fred Craven NAYLOR (1860-1890)
Wife: Marguerite Cecily FLETCHER (1861-1950)
Children: Howard NAYLOR (1881- )
Beatrice Cecily NAYLOR (1883-1962)
Dora May NAYLOR (1885-1970)
Lily Margeurite (Margaret) NAYLOR (1886-1922)
Marriage 25 Jun 1881 Sheffield, Yorkshire
St Simon, Eyre Street

Husband: Fred Craven NAYLOR

Name: Fred Craven NAYLOR
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1860 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Death 17 Aug 1890 (age 29-30) Millhouses, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Hastings Road
Probate to wife Marguerite

Wife: Marguerite Cecily FLETCHER

Name: Marguerite Cecily FLETCHER
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas FLETCHER (1832-1912)
Mother: Mary COOPER (1835-1913)
Birth 27 Sep 1861 Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Baptism 7 Nov 1861 (age 0) Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Census 1871 (age 9-10) Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Waterside North, St Swithun
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 19-20) Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
3 Ellin Street
Living with parents
Census 1891 (age 29-30) Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Hastings Road
Widow. Living with children Beatrice & Lily
Census 1911 (age 49-50) Scarborough, Yorkshire
46 Westbourne Park
Living with parents.
Census 1939 (age 77-78) Scarborough, Yorkshire
5 Tuthill
Death 22 Feb 1950 (age 88) Scarborough, Yorkshire
11 Roscoe Street
Probate to Doris STANCER wife of John Richard STANCER

Child 1: Howard NAYLOR

Name: Howard NAYLOR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Cecilia Elizabeth HILL (1880-1907)
Birth Oct 1881 Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 29-30) Accrington, Lancashire
7 Ramsbottom Street
Occupation Draper - Manager

Child 2: Beatrice Cecily NAYLOR

Name: Beatrice Cecily NAYLOR
Sex: Female
Spouse: Allan Cuffe TRAVIS (1879-1964)
Birth 17 Mar 1883 Sheffield, Yorkshire
Baptism 1 Feb 1884 (age 0) Sheffield, Yorkshire
Cathedral Church of St Peter & St Paul
Census 1891 (age 7-8) Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Hastings Road
Living with Mother and sister Lily
Census 1901 (age 17-18) Southport, Lancashire
22-26 London Road
Draper Apprentice
Census 1911 (age 27-28) Ravensthorpe, Yorkshire
North Road
Living with husband and daughter and Parents in Law
Census 1939 (age 55-56) Hayes & Harlington, Middlesex
56 East Avenue
Living with husband Allan
Death Jul 1962 (age 79) Hastings Sussex

Child 3: Dora May NAYLOR

Name: Dora May NAYLOR
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Balfour HORNE (1879-1926)
Birth 3 May 1885 Dore, Derbyshire
Baptism 13 Jun 1885 (age 0) Dore, Derbyshire
Christ Church
Census 1911 (age 25-26) Ravensthorpe, Yorkshire
Gargrave Villas, Broomer Street
Living with husband Henry
Census 1939 (age 53-54) Eton Buckinghamshire
Ardua, Slough Road
Living in the home of Harry & Elizabeth NORWOOD. Daughter Elsie M Horne also in residence and her future husband Edmond H NORWOOD
Death Jul 1970 (age 85) Gosport, Hampshire

Child 4: Lily Margeurite (Margaret) NAYLOR

Name: Lily Margeurite (Margaret) NAYLOR
Sex: Female
Spouse: David Newton FARRINGTON (1882-1929)
Birth 19 Dec 1886 Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Grange Road
Census 1891 (age 4-5) Eccleshall Bierlow, Yorkshire
Hastings Road
Living with Mother and sister Beatrice
Census 1901 (age 14-15) Ecclesfield, Sheffield, Yorkshire
18 Langsett Street
Living with sister Dora in home of Grandparents Thomas & Mary FLETCHER
Census 1911 (age 24-25) Ripon, Yorkshire
28 Newby Street
Living with husband. One child who had died.
Death Apr 1922 (age 35) Middlesborough, Yorkshire