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Family of Robert Scott FAIRLEY and Margaret Currie CRAIG

Husband: Robert Scott FAIRLEY (1890-1949)
Wife: Margaret Currie CRAIG (1900- )
Children: John Craig FAIRLEY (1921- )
Margaret Anita FAIRLEY (1924- )
Marriage 13 Jul 1920 Cawnpore, Bengal, India

Husband: Robert Scott FAIRLEY

Name: Robert Scott FAIRLEY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1890 Wilton, Roxboroughshire
Census 1901 (age 10-11) Hawick, Roxboroughshire
12 Glebe View
Living with Grandmother Mary SCOTT
Death Apr 1949 (age 58-59) Hailsham Sussex

Wife: Margaret Currie CRAIG

Name: Margaret Currie CRAIG
Sex: Female
Father: William Jeffers CRAIG (1871-1949)
Mother: Margaret Ann GARSON (1869-1961)
Birth 24 Dec 1900 West Ham, Essex
Census 1901 (age 0-1) Manor Park, Essex
57 Addison Road
Living with Mother Margaret A and sister Alexina in the home of Arthur and Jean GANLY. Margaret A described as his Sister in Law
Census 1911 (age 10-11) Manor Park, Essex
2 Durham Road
Living with Uncle and Aunt - Peter Ferguson & Alexina Logie CATHLES. Also in residence Peter GARSON - Father in Law of Peter age 77
Travel 8 Aug 1924 (age 23) London, England
1 Devonshire Place
Travelled back to Bombay on SS Macedonia with son and daughter
Census 1939 (age 38-39) Eastbourne, Sussex
Wish Cottage, Cornfield Lane
Living with daughter. Margaret A
Travel 12 Aug 1945 (age 44) Plymouth, Devon
Arrived on SS Burma with husband from Bombay
Travel 19 Feb 1948 (age 47) Eastbourne, Sussex
Clifton Hotel
Arrived from Bombay with husband in SS Mohammadi from Bombay to Plymouth

Child 1: John Craig FAIRLEY

Name: John Craig FAIRLEY
Sex: Male
Birth 1921

Child 2: Margaret Anita FAIRLEY

Name: Margaret Anita FAIRLEY
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Donald DAY ( - )
Spouse 2: Arnoldus Johannes VAN ASDONCK (1915- )
Birth 14 May 1924 West Ham, Essex