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Family of Edwin Willliam WOOD and Margaret HAREFELDT

Husband: Edwin Willliam WOOD (1867-1942)
Wife: Margaret HAREFELDT (1873-1915)
Children: Madeline Patricia WOOD (1897-1914)
Irene Margaret WOOD (1901-1994)
Edwin Harefeld WOOD (1903-1933)
Hannah Viola WOOD (1905-1952)
Marriage 14 Nov 1894 New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada
Father Ernst HAREFELD & Mother Margaret FUHR

Husband: Edwin Willliam WOOD

Name: Edwin Willliam WOOD
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Richard Gowland WOOD (1835-1911)
Mother: Catherine DRISCOLL (1842- )
Birth 1867 Wapping, Middlesex
Occupation Tailor
Census 1916 (age 48-49) Alberta, Canada
Death 2 Apr 1942 (age 74-75) Calgary, Alberta Canada

Wife: Margaret HAREFELDT

Name: Margaret HAREFELDT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 12 Feb 1873 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Father Ernst HAREFIELD & Mother Margaret BECKER
Death 20 Jul 1915 (age 42) Wellington, Ontario, Canada
Cause: Heart Clot

Child 1: Madeline Patricia WOOD

Name: Madeline Patricia WOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Mar 1897 Wellington, Ontario, Canada
Death 7 Apr 1914 (age 17) Wellington, Ontario, Canada
Cause: Pneumonia

Child 2: Irene Margaret WOOD

Name: Irene Margaret WOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Feb 1901 Wellington, Ontario, Canada
Census 1911 (age 9-10) Wellington, Ontario, Canada
Living with Mother and Grandmother..Sister Viola and brother Edwin also in residence
Travel 28 Nov 1916 (age 15) Port Huron, Michigan, USA
Lake Avenue
Travelled to visit Aunt Elizabeth Maria WOOD
Death 1994 (age 92-93) Canada

Child 3: Edwin Harefeld WOOD

Name: Edwin Harefeld WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Mar 1903 York, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Farm Hand
Death 15 Oct 1933 (age 30) Perth County, Ontario, Canada
Cause: Strangulation, Suicide

Child 4: Hannah Viola WOOD

Name: Hannah Viola WOOD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Walter FARRANT (1902-1986)
Birth 23 Mar 1905 Wellington, Ontario, Canada
Death 7 Feb 1952 (age 46) Vancouver, British Columbia