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Family of Henry TABB and Betsey SLEEMAN

Husband: Henry TABB (1831-1908)
Wife: Betsey SLEEMAN (1825-1869)
Children: Henry Prestridge TABB (1857-1921)
John Sleeman TABB (1863-1953)
William Gregory TABB (1865-1951)
Marriage Jan 1857 St Colomb, Cornwall

Husband: Henry TABB

Name: Henry TABB
Sex: Male
Father: Gregory TABB (1808-1887)
Mother: Elizabeth FRENCH (1809-1886)
Birth Feb 1831 Endellion, Cornwall
Baptism 19 Feb 1831 (age 0) Endellion, Cornwall
Occupation Master Mariner
Census 1841 (age 9-10) St Endellion, Bodmin, Cornwall
Port Isaac
Living with parents Gregory and Elizabeth TABB
Census 1861 (age 29-30) St Colomb, Cornwall
Torvan, St Merryn
Visitor with wife and son Henry P in home of John & Mary HOY, Farmer
Census 1871 (age 39-40) Padstow, Cornwall
Widower. Master, William TABB (36) serving as Mate and Thomas TABB (16) serving as Ordinary Seaman
Census 1881 (age 49-50) St Colomb, Cornwall
Ironmongers Shop, Padstow
Living with sons in home of his Father in Law
Census 1891 (age 59-60) St Colomb, Cornwall
Llanadwell Street, Padstow
Living with his son William G in home of his Father in Law John SLEEMAN whose sister Mary Ann IVY, widow was also in residence
Census 1901 (age 69-70) St Colomb, Cornwall
Llanadwell Street, Padstow
Living with his son Willliam G in home of John SLEEMAN
Death 25 Mar 1908 (age 77) Padstow, Cornwall
Proabate to Henry Prestidge TABB and William Gregory TABB, Ironmongers

Wife: Betsey SLEEMAN

Name: Betsey SLEEMAN
Sex: Female
Father: John SLEEMAN (1796-1872)
Mother: Ann MASSER (1796-1858)
Birth 1825 Padstow, Cornwall
Death Jan 1869 (age 43-44) St Colomb, Cornwall

Child 1: Henry Prestridge TABB

Name: Henry Prestridge TABB
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sabina Sleeman POLKINGHORN (1848-1930)
Birth Jul 1857 Padstow, Cornwall
Baptism 26 Aug 1857 (age 0) Padstow, Cornwall
Census 1911 (age 53-54) Padstow, Cornwall
Church Street
Living with wife of 24 years Sabina
Death 18 Feb 1921 (age 63) Padstow, Cornwall
Church Street, Nanstallan Lanavit
Probate to wife Sabina

Child 2: John Sleeman TABB

Name: John Sleeman TABB
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Jane CLARKE (1865-1953)
Birth 15 Oct 1863 St Colomb, Cornwall
Baptism 1 Jan 1864 (age 0) Padstow, Cornwall
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Surgeon
Census 1871 (age 7-8) Padstow, Cornwall
Ranadwell Street
Living with Grandfather John SLEEMAN, Widower and his Father Henry TABB, Windower
Census 1901 (age 37-38) Westminster, London
33 Beak Street
Living without family
Census 1939 (age 75-76) St Pancras, Middlesex
34 Brookfield :Mansions
Living with wife Mary Jane
Death 30 Jun 1953 (age 89) Padstow, Cornwall
11 Church Street
Probate to Arthur Gerard Sleeman TABB, Medical Practitioner

Child 3: William Gregory TABB

Name: William Gregory TABB
Sex: Male
Birth Jun 1865 Padstow, Cornwall
Baptism 4 Jun 1865 (age 0) Padstow, Cornwall
Census 1871 (age 5-6) St Colomb, Cornwall
Llanadwell Street, Padstow
Living with Father in home of his Grandfather John SLEEMAN
Census 1881 (age 15-16) St Colomb, Cornwall
Ironmongers Shop, Padstow
Living with his Father in the home of his Uncle John SLEEMAN
Census 1901 (age 35-36) Padstow, Cornwall
Llanadwell Street, Padstow
Living with his Uncle John SLEEMAN. Mary IVEY , his Aunt and his Father also in residence. Partner in his Uncles Ironmongery business
Census 1911 (age 45-46) Bodmin, Cornwall
Cornwall County Lunatic Asylum, Westheath Avenue
Census 1939 (age 73-74) Bodmin, Cornwall
Mental Hospital
Occupation Ironmonger
Death 13 Feb 1951 (age 85) Padstow, Cornwall
Llanadwell Street, Padstow
Died at St Lawrence Bodmin Hospital. Probate to John Sleeman TABB