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Family of Alfred PHILLLIS and Harriett TITHEREDGE

Husband: Alfred PHILLLIS (1857-1933)
Wife: Harriett TITHEREDGE (1851-1935)
Children: Mabel PHILLLIS (1882-1973)
Leonard PHILLLIS (1885-1932)
Nelly PHILLLIS (1887-1974)
Ethel PHILLLIS (1890-1971)
Charles PHILLLIS (1892-1917)
Marriage Oct 1881 Alresford, Hampshire

Husband: Alfred PHILLLIS

Name: Alfred PHILLLIS
Sex: Male
Father: Elizabeth CHIVERS (1825-1897)
Mother: -
Birth Jul 1857 North Waltham, Hampshire
Census 1861 (age 3-4) North Waltham, Hampshire
Living with parents in home of Grandfather James PHILLIS
Census 1871 (age 13-14) North Waltham, Hampshire
Cottages, The Village
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 23-24) Winchester, Hampshire
45 Hyde Street
Boarder in the home of Robert and Mary HUGGINS
Census 1891 (age 33-34) Winchester, Hampshire
13 Hyde Street
Living with wife and children
Occupation Bricklayer
Census 1901 (age 43-44) Winchester, Hampshire
2 Fairfield Road
Living with wife Harriett and children
Census 1911 (age 53-54) Winchester, Hampshire
15 Monks Road
Living with wife Hariett and children mabel Leonard and Charles
Death Jan 1933 (age 75) Winchester, Hampshire

Wife: Harriett TITHEREDGE

Name: Harriett TITHEREDGE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jun 1851 West Tisted, Hampshire
Baptism 22 Jun 1851 (age 0) West Tisted, Hampshire
Death Jan 1935 (age 83) Winchester, Hampshire

Child 1: Mabel PHILLLIS

Name: Mabel PHILLLIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: THomas Guy BENHAM (1888- )
Birth 28 Aug 1882 Winchester, Hampshire
Occupation Dressmaker
Census 1911 (age 28-29) Winchester, Hampshire
15 Monks Road
Living with parents
Death Jan 1973 (age 90) Newton Abbott, Devonshire

Child 2: Leonard PHILLLIS

Name: Leonard PHILLLIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith Annie RATTEY (1891-1931)
Birth 1885 Winchester, Hampshire
Occupation Bricklayer
Census 1911 (age 25-26) Winchester, Hampshire
15 Monks Road
Living with parents
Death Jan 1932 (age 46-47) Eastleigh, Hampshire

Child 3: Nelly PHILLLIS

Name: Nelly PHILLLIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick A LAWRENCE (1878-1956)
Birth 17 Sep 1887 Winchester, Hampshire
Census 1911 (age 23-24) Thrapston, Northamptonshire
Lowick Rectory
Housemaid in home of Alfred & Mary DICKER
Death Jul 1974 (age 86) Worthing, Sussex

Child 4: Ethel PHILLLIS

Name: Ethel PHILLLIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick Charles EAMES (1892-1960)
Birth 27 Jan 1890 Winchester, Hampshire
Census 1911 (age 20-21) Winchester, Hampshire
Fairlawn, Sleepers Hill
Housemaid Domestic in home of Charles and Mabel WARNER
Census 1939 (age 48-49) Chichester, Sussex
Married. Husband not with her. 1 redacted record
Death Jul 1971 (age 81) Chichester, Sussex

Child 5: Charles PHILLLIS

Name: Charles PHILLLIS
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1892 Winchester, Hampshire
Occupation Carpenter; Private, Hampshire Regiment
Census 1911 (age 18-19) Winchester, Hampshire
15 Monks Road
Living with parents
Death 13 Feb 1917 (age 25) Mesopotamia
Cause: Died of wounds