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Family of Thomas Seward BEACHCROFT and Charlotta LEWIS

Husband: Thomas Seward BEACHCROFT (1770-1819)
Wife: Charlotta LEWIS (1779-1857)
Children: Thomas BEACHCROFT (1800-1878)
Samuel BEACHCROFT (1801-1861)
Richard Thomas BEACHCROFT (1805-1872)
Sarah BEACHCROFT (1809-1881)
Matthews BEACHCROFT (1810-1891)
Robert BEACHCROFT (1811-1856)
Charles BEACHCROFT (1815-1866)
Marriage 13 Jan 1798 Queenhithe, London

Husband: Thomas Seward BEACHCROFT

Name: Thomas Seward BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel BEACHCROFT (1731-1796)
Mother: Elizabeth SEWARD (1738-1803)
Birth 21 Feb 1770 Bishopsgate, London
Occupation Wholesale Grocer
Death 15 Feb 1819 (age 48) West Wickham, Kent

Wife: Charlotta LEWIS

Name: Charlotta LEWIS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 20 Jan 1779 Westminster, London
Census 1851 (age 71-72) Paddington, Middlessex
14 Westbourne Street
Widowed. Living with children Sarah, Thomas, Robert and Charles
Death Oct 1857 (age 78) Kensington, Middlesex

Child 1: Thomas BEACHCROFT

Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary PRICE (1819-1865)
Birth 24 Feb 1800 Queenhithe, London
Baptism 6 May 1800 (age 0) Queenhithe, London
St Michael Church
Census 1851 (age 50-51) Paddington, Middlessex
14 Westbourne Street
Living with Mother
Census 1861 (age 60-61) Clapham, Surrey
Thornton Road
Living with wife Mary
Occupation Land Owner
Census 1871 (age 70-71) Clapham, Surrey
Grove House, Thornton Road
Widower. Living with 2nd cousins Alfred T and Claudine C E BEACHCROFT
Death 22 Oct 1878 (age 78) Wandsworth London

Child 2: Samuel BEACHCROFT

Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Acworth OMMANNEY (1804-1885)
Birth 27 Jul 1801 Queenhithe, London
Occupation Architect
Census 1841 (age 39-40) Chelsea, London
Cadogan Place
Living with wife Elizabeth & baby child of 4 weeks
Census 1861 (age 59-60) Putney, Surrey
Richmond Road
Living with wife Elizabeth and children
Death 10 Nov 1861 (age 60) Putney, Surrey
Proved by Thomas and Richard BEACHCROFT his Brothers

Child 3: Richard Thomas BEACHCROFT

Name: Richard Thomas BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Henrietta MELVILLE (1816-1900)
Birth 17 May 1805 Queenhithe, London
Census 1851 (age 45-46) Hampstead Middlesex
Hampstead Square
Living with wife Henrietta and children
Occupation Solicitor
Census 1861 (age 55-56) Harrow, Middlesex
Greenhill Road
Married. Living with daughter Katherine and son Philip
Death 1 May 1872 (age 66) Hyde Park, London
50 Queensborough Terrace
Probate to Richard Melviille BEACHCROFT and Henry Awdry BEACHCROFT his sons

Child 4: Sarah BEACHCROFT

Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1809 Queenhithe, London
Death 6 Aug 1881 (age 72) Hyde Park, London
Westbourne Street
Spinster. Probate to brother Matthews

Child 5: Matthews BEACHCROFT

Name: Matthews BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helena Robertson ALLAN (1823-1900)
Birth 6 Jan 1810 Mortlake, Surrey
Census 1861 (age 50-51) Paddington, Middlessex
7 Devonshire Terrace
Living with wife Helena
Occupation Army - Colonel, East India Company
Death 9 May 1891 (age 81) Hyde Park, London
11 Talbot Square
Probate to Helen Robertson his widow

Child 6: Robert BEACHCROFT

Sex: Male
Birth 25 Dec 1811 City of London
9 Queenhithe
Census 1813 (age 1-2) City of London
St Michael, Queenhithe
Census 1851 (age 39-40) Paddington, Middlessex
14 Westbourne Terrace
Living with Widowed Mother.
Death 17 Aug 1856 (age 44) Paddington, Middlessex
Buried in West Wickham, Kent

Child 7: Charles BEACHCROFT

Name: Charles BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1815 Lambeth, London
Occupation Architect
Death 21 Oct 1866 (age 51) Hyde Park, London
14 Westbourne Street
Proved by Richard and Matthews BEACHCROFT