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Family of Francis Porten BEACHCROFT and Laura Emily BAYLY

Husband: Francis Porten BEACHCROFT (1841-1912)
Wife: Laura Emily BAYLY (1844-1931)
Children: Francis Seward BEACHCROFT (1868-1949)
Thomas Goodenaugh BEACHCROFT (1869-1888)
Arthur Lewis BEACHCROFT (1870- )
Charles P BEACHCROFT (1871-1927)
Richard Owen BEACHCROFT (1874-1956)
Elsie Mary BEACHCROFT (1876-1960)
Eva Laura BEACHCROFT (1879-1917)
Gerald William BEACHCROFT (1880-1917)
Marriage 24 Jan 1867 Lahore, Bengal, India

Husband: Francis Porten BEACHCROFT

Name: Francis Porten BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Father: Samuel BEACHCROFT (1801-1861)
Mother: Elizabeth Acworth OMMANNEY (1804-1885)
Birth 7 May 1841 Chelsea, Middlesex
Census 1861 (age 19-20) Putney, Surrey
Richmond Road
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 29-30) Penge, Surrey
Tudor Road
Living with wife Laura and sons
Census 1901 (age 59-60) Dulwich, London
9 Crescent Wood Road
Living with wife Laura, daughter Eva, son George W, grandaughter Maud BEECHCROFT and daughter Elasie and her husband Hugh COLLIS
Census 1911 (age 69-70) Worthing, Sussex
Beaconsfield, Manor Road
Living with wife Laura and daughter Eva and grandchildren - Joan Goodenough BEACHCROFT and Gerald Gordon COLIS
Occupation Barrister - Indian Civil Service
Death 10 Feb 1912 (age 70) Worthing, Sussex
Beaconsfield, Manor Road
Probate to wife Laura, Francis Seward BEACHCROFT and Sir Richard Melvill BEACHCROFT

Wife: Laura Emily BAYLY

Name: Laura Emily BAYLY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1844 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Death 24 Jan 1931 (age 86-87) Hyde Park, Middlesex
117 Inverness Terrace
Proabte to daughter Elsie Mary

Child 1: Francis Seward BEACHCROFT

Name: Francis Seward BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Amy Letitia SWINHOE (1861-1955)
Birth 30 Jan 1868 Lahore, Bengal, India
Occupation Medical Practitioner
Death 24 Jan 1949 (age 80) South Hayling, Hampshire
Beresford, Manor Way
Probate to Maud Seward BEACHCROFT, spinster

Child 2: Thomas Goodenaugh BEACHCROFT

Name: Thomas Goodenaugh BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Birth 12 Mar 1869 Lahore, Bengal, India
Census 1881 (age 11-12) St Mary le Bone, Middlesex
Welbeck Street
Visitor in home of Thomas & Elizabeth DOWSE, Physician
Death Apr 1888 (age 19) Croydon, Surrey

Child 3: Arthur Lewis BEACHCROFT

Name: Arthur Lewis BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Birth 27 Mar 1870 Annarkullee, Bengal, India

Child 4: Charles P BEACHCROFT

Name: Charles P BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1871 Croydon, Surrey
Death 15 May 1927 (age 56) Camberley, Surrey
Died at 19 Manchester Street, Marylebone, Middlesex. Probate to wife Elizabeth

Child 5: Richard Owen BEACHCROFT

Name: Richard Owen BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Nina Mary CORKE (1868-1952)
Birth 26 Nov 1874 Dalhousie, Bengal, India
Census 1901 (age 26-27) Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire
42 Clifton Park Road
Living with wife Nina and son Samuel
Occupation School Teacher - Handicrafts
Census 1911 (age 36-37) Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire
48 Apsley Road
Living with wife Nina and sons
Census 1939 (age 64-65) Sidmouth, Devon
Living in house of Charles & Hetty SMITH
Death 5 Feb 1956 (age 81) Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire
51 Canynge Road
Proabte to sons

Child 6: Elsie Mary BEACHCROFT

Name: Elsie Mary BEACHCROFT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hugh Gordon COLLIS (1875-1966)
Birth 9 Sep 1876 Annerley, Surrey
Baptised in Penge, Surrey 26th October
Baptism 25 Oct 1876 (age 0) Penge, Surrey
Occupation Solicitors Clerk
Census 1891 (age 14-15) Penge, Surrey
70 Thicket Road.
Living with Mother and siblings
Census 1901 (age 24-25) Camberwell, London
9 Crescent Wood Road
Living with husband in home of her parents
Census 1911 (age 34-35) Worthing, Sussex
Seatoller, Shakespeare Road
Living with husband Hugh and son. Katherine, Frank and Norah Bayley, cousins also in residence.
Census 1939 (age 62-63) Hove, Sussex
26 Denmark Villas
Living in home of Charles L CRIPPS
Death 2 Oct 1960 (age 84) Roehampton, Surrey
The Priory
Probate to husband and Gerald Gordon COLLIS

Child 7: Eva Laura BEACHCROFT

Name: Eva Laura BEACHCROFT
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Jan 1879 Sealkote, Bengal, India
Death 1 Mar 1917 (age 38) Worthing, Sussex
Beaconsfield, Manor Road
Probate to Mother Laura

Child 8: Gerald William BEACHCROFT

Name: Gerald William BEACHCROFT
Sex: Male
Birth Dec 1880 Petworth Sussex
Occupation Army - 2nd Lieut, Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regt
Death 31 Jul 1917 (age 36) Killed in Action, Flanders
106 Christchurch Road
Died in Belgium. Probate to Richard Owen BEACHCROFT and Francis Henry SIMPSON