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Family of Job SARGENT and Georgina WALTERS

Husband: Job SARGENT (1852-1935)
Wife: Georgina WALTERS (1860-1930)
Children: Mary Elizabeth SARGENT (1887- )
Hilda SARGENT (1888- )
Winnifred Helen SARGENT (1889- )
Frederick W SARGENT (1890- )
Stanley Edwin SARGENT (1892- )
Effie Georgina SARGENT (1893-1984)
Marriage Apr 1885 East Stonehouse, Devon

Husband: Job SARGENT

Sex: Male
Father: John SARGENT (1794-1855)
Mother: Elizabeth SLOMAN (1806-1884)
Birth Aug 1852 Clawton, Devon
Occupation Miller
Census 1861 (age 8-9) Holsworthy, Devon
Village House, Derrill Village, Pyworthy
Described as son of John & Elizabeth GLOYN in fact John was the son of Elizabeth SARGENT
Census 1871 (age 18-19) Holsworthy, Devon
Deriton, Pyworth
Boarder in home of John & Mary SLUGGETT
Census 1881 (age 28-29) Walkhampton, Devon
Phoenix Mills
Living and working with his brother John
Census 1901 (age 48-49) Ottery St Mary, Devon
Tipton Mills, Tipton St John
Living with wife and children
Death 26 Dec 1935 (age 83) Tipton St Johns, Devon
Tipton Mills

Wife: Georgina WALTERS

Name: Georgina WALTERS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1860 Breage, Cornwall
Death 29 Mar 1930 (age 69-70) Tipton St Johns, Devon
Probate to Stanley Edwin

Child 1: Mary Elizabeth SARGENT

Name: Mary Elizabeth SARGENT
Sex: Female
Birth 1887 Ottery St Mary, Devon

Child 2: Hilda SARGENT

Name: Hilda SARGENT
Sex: Female
Birth 1888 Ottery St Mary, Devon

Child 3: Winnifred Helen SARGENT

Name: Winnifred Helen SARGENT
Sex: Female
Birth 1889 Ottery St Mary, Devon

Child 4: Frederick W SARGENT

Name: Frederick W SARGENT
Sex: Male
Birth 1890 Ottery St Mary, Devon

Child 5: Stanley Edwin SARGENT

Name: Stanley Edwin SARGENT
Sex: Male
Birth 1892 Ottery St Mary, Devon

Child 6: Effie Georgina SARGENT

Name: Effie Georgina SARGENT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Sydney Edward ADAMS (1898-1971)
Birth 3 Mar 1893 Ottery St Mary, Devon
Census 1939 (age 45-46) Plymouth, Devon
17 Cedercroft Road, Beacon Park
Living with husband and children
Death 8 Jan 1984 (age 90) Crawley, Hampshire
21 Park Way, Pound Hill