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Family of James William RICHINGS and Margaret Agnes HOLMES

Husband: James William RICHINGS (1865-1893)
Wife: Margaret Agnes HOLMES (1868-1937)
Children: Thomas Elliot RICHINGS (1886-1948)

Husband: James William RICHINGS

Name: James William RICHINGS
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas RICHINGS (1843-1929)
Mother: Annie ELLIOTT (1845-1933)
Birth Jan 1865 Stanford in the Vale, Berkshire
Death 1893 (age 27-28) Wayne County, Michigan, USA

Wife: Margaret Agnes HOLMES

Name: Margaret Agnes HOLMES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 2 May 1868 Shildon, Durham
Death 9 Jan 1937 (age 68) Nankin, Wayne County, Michigan

Child 1: Thomas Elliot RICHINGS

Name: Thomas Elliot RICHINGS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marie S OTT (1884- )
Birth 25 Oct 1886 Wayne County, Michigan, USA
Death 6 Nov 1948 (age 62) Wayne County, Michigan, USA