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Family of Alexander Harry Walker BREBBER and Cecilia Mary HODSMAN

Husband: Alexander Harry Walker BREBBER (1896-1991)
Wife: Cecilia Mary HODSMAN (1907-1990)
Marriage Jul 1949 Richmond, Yorkshire

Husband: Alexander Harry Walker BREBBER

Name: Alexander Harry Walker BREBBER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 2 Oct 1896
Residence 1954 (age 57-58) Lalor, Gisborne, Victoria, Australia
Childers Road, Macedon
Living with wife Cecilia
Residence 1963 (age 66-67) La Trobe, Victoria, Australia
55 Wicklow Avenue
Living with wife Cecila
Death 18 Mar 1991 (age 94) Exmouth, Devon
243 Exeter Road

Wife: Cecilia Mary HODSMAN

Name: Cecilia Mary HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Father: George Barron HODSMAN (1881-1969)
Mother: Florence Emily BROWN (1880-1975)
Birth 17 Jun 1907 Cotherstone, Yorkshire
Travel 13 Nov 1931 (age 24) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Living at Orwell, Coatham, Redcar Yorkshire, a Nurse - travelled on SS COMORIN. Rt Hon David LLOYD-GEORGE and his family were also passengers travelling to Colombo
Residence btw 1934 and 1937 (age 26-30) Doncaster, Victoria, Australia
Sunnybrook, Eltham, Deakin
Living with husband Arthur
Emigration 16 Nov 1949 (age 42) from Scorton, Richmond, Yorkshire to Melbourne, Australia
Rose Cottage
Travelled with husband Alexander and her children on R M S ORCADES.
Travel 23 Mar 1958 (age 50) Richmond, Yorkshire
Waterton, Quaker Lane
Arrived from Melbourne on SS Arcadia for a 6/12 visit. Returned on SS Strathnaver leaving London on 5 Aug 1958
Death Jan 1990 (age 82) Exeter, Devon