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Family of William COGHLAN and Marian POOLE

Husband: William COGHLAN (1835-1914)
Wife: Marian POOLE (1846-1907)
Children: William Luther Stanley COGHLAN (1867-1946)
Ethel (Elizabeth) Annie COGHLAN (1869-1926)
Marion Maude COGHLAN (1870-1926)
Thomas Boyle COGHLAN (1871-1886)
Helena Beatrice COGHLAN (1874-1921)
Henry Hunter COGHLAN (1876-1918)
Isabella Frederica Dora COGHLAN (1877-1962)
Mabel Kathleen COGHLAN (1879-1943)
John Jessie Taylor COGHLAN (1881-1941)
Marriage 12 Dec 1866 Birkenhead, Cheshire

Husband: William COGHLAN

Name: William COGHLAN
Sex: Male
Father: William COGHLAN (1801- )
Mother: -
Birth 1835 Cork, Ireland
Occupation Clergyman
Census 1871 (age 35-36) Ardwick, Lancashire
17 Manor Street
Living with his wife Marion, his Father William and children
Census 1881 (age 45-46) Prestwich, Lancashire
Hill Lane Rectory, Blackley
Living with wife and children
Census 1891 (age 55-56) Prestwich, Lancashire
Hill Lane Rectory, Blackley
Living with wife and children
Census 1901 (age 65-66) Prestwich, Lancashire
Hill Lane Rectory, Blackley
Living with wife and children
Death 13 Apr 1914 (age 78-79) Southsea, Hampshire
Grasmere, Cranewater Park
Probate to William Luther Stanley COGHLAN, clergyma,

Wife: Marian POOLE

Name: Marian POOLE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1846 Liverpool, Lancashire
Death Jul 1907 (age 60-61) Prestwich, Lancashire

Child 1: William Luther Stanley COGHLAN

Name: William Luther Stanley COGHLAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Clara Pauline Hermine FLEISCHER (1869-1945)
Birth Sep 1867 Ardwick, Lancashire
Census 1901 (age 33-34) Hornsey, London
88 Falkland Road
Living with wife and daughter
Census 1911 (age 43-44) Mile End, Middlesex
Vicarage, Coborn Road
Living with wife and daughter
Occupation Clergyman
Death 2 May 1946 (age 78) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Elmfield Hotel

Child 2: Ethel (Elizabeth) Annie COGHLAN

Name: Ethel (Elizabeth) Annie COGHLAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Rowley HORTON (1858-1924)
Birth Mar 1869 Ardwick, Lancashire
3, Grove Street, Ardwick
Baptism 18 Mar 1869 (age 0) Ardwick St Thomas
Census 1911 (age 41-42) Sharrow, Yorkshire West Riding
Sharrow Grange
Living with husband and daughter
Death 19 Jan 1926 (age 56) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
The Welbeck Palace Hotel, Welbeck Street
Probate to William Luther Stanley COGHLAN and Patrick William COLAN

Child 3: Marion Maude COGHLAN

Name: Marion Maude COGHLAN
Sex: Female
Birth Aug 1870 Ardwick, Lancashire
Baptism 28 Aug 1870 (age 0) Ardwick, Lancashire
St Thomas Parish
Census 1911 (age 40-41) Blackley, Lancashire
Rectory, Hill Lane
Living with widowed Father
Death 8 Aug 1926 (age 55-56) Cricklewood, London
39 Chichele Road
Died in St John & St Elizabeth Hospital Hampstead. Probate to Lady Marion Hermine HAMILTON

Child 4: Thomas Boyle COGHLAN

Name: Thomas Boyle COGHLAN
Sex: Male
Birth Oct 1871 Ardwick, Lancashire
Death Apr 1886 (age 14) Blackley, Lancashire

Child 5: Helena Beatrice COGHLAN

Name: Helena Beatrice COGHLAN
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1874 Ardwick, Lancashire
Census 1911 (age 36-37) Blackley, Lancashire
St Peters Rectory
Living with her Father and sister Isabella
Death 19 Nov 1921 (age 47) Hampstead Middlesex
31 Belsize Square
Died at Euston Road, Marylebone. Probate to her Brother - William Luther

Child 6: Henry Hunter COGHLAN

Name: Henry Hunter COGHLAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Katherine Mary Maud LAWRIE (1879-1939)
Birth Apr 1876 Blackley, Lancashire
Death 14 Mar 1918 (age 41) Shanghai, China
17 Wing Ka Shan
Probate to Katherine Mary Maud COGHLAN, Widow

Child 7: Isabella Frederica Dora COGHLAN

Name: Isabella Frederica Dora COGHLAN
Sex: Female
Birth 22 Dec 1877 Blackley, Lancashire
Census 1911 (age 33-34) Blackley, Lancashire
St Peters Rectory
Living with Father and sisters Helena & Marion
Census 1939 (age 61-62) Hampstead Middlesex
32 Upper Park Road
Death 20 Sep 1962 (age 84) Tooting Bec, London
Probate to her niece Lady Marion Hermine HAMILTON

Child 8: Mabel Kathleen COGHLAN

Name: Mabel Kathleen COGHLAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Robert Boyle COLAN (1870-1929)
Birth 9 Apr 1879 Blackley, Lancashire
Census 1911 (age 31-32) Durley, Gloucestershire
Living with son and Mother in Law
Census 1939 (age 59-60) Hereford, Herefordshire
Garage & cafe, Upper Lyde
Death 15 May 1943 (age 64) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Percy House, Wellington Square
Widow. Probate to Patrick William Coghlan COLAN, Army - Major

Child 9: John Jessie Taylor COGHLAN

Name: John Jessie Taylor COGHLAN
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Annie Elizabeth PENFOLD (1882-1955)
Spouse 2: Annie Elizabeth PENFOLD (1882-1955)
Birth 13 Jan 1881 Blackley, Lancashire
Baptism 6 Sep 1881 (age 0) Blackley, Lancashire
Occupation Engineer, Electric Light Works
Census 1891 (age 9-10) Blackley, Lancashire
Rectory, Hill Lane
Living with parents
Census 1911 (age 29-30) Bedford, Bedfordshire
74 Gladstone Street
Residence btw 1911 and 1919 (age 29-38) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Travel 25 Apr 1930 (age 49) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Travelled on SS Duchess of Bedford from Liverpool to Montreal after visiting his sister in law Mabel COGHLAN at Percy House, Wellington Square, Cheltenham together with wife Annie and daughter Mary. Travelling to visit Mother in Law Caroline HAUGHTON, 1180 Marcier Avenue, Langue Point, Montreal. Arrived back 6 June 1930 to live at 56 Highfield Avenue, Golders Green
Census 1939 (age 57-58) Hendon, Middlesex
56 Highfield Avenue
Living with wife Annie
Death 17 Mar 1941 (age 60) Golders Green, London NW11
56 Highfield Avenue
Died at Hampstead General Hospital. Probate to Annie Elizabeth COGHLAN, Widow