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Family of Cedric Robert Seymour GEORGE and Dorothy Ethel Hilda MOYCE

Husband: Cedric Robert Seymour GEORGE (1875-1964)
Wife: Dorothy Ethel Hilda MOYCE (1888-1964)
Children: Cedric James Noel GEORGE (1917-1993)
Evelyn Frances Dorothy GEORGE (1920-2003)
Margery Florence Hilda GEORGE (1922- )
Monica Rachel Weathrall GEORGE (1924- )
Robert Michael Seymour GEORGE (1927-2004)
Marriage 19 Feb 1917 Bombay, India

Husband: Cedric Robert Seymour GEORGE

Name: Cedric Robert Seymour GEORGE
Sex: Male
Father: James Robert Edmund GEORGE (1849-1923)
Mother: Evelina (Eva) Florence WEATHRALL (1854-1903)
Birth 11 Jul 1875
Occupation Stamp Superintendant, Calcutta
Residence 1939 (age 63-64) Surbiton, Surrey
Oaklands, Clayton Road, Hook
Living with wife Dorothy
Death 26 Feb 1964 (age 88) Horley, Surrey
Ishera, Russells Crescent
Died at Redhill General Hospital. Probate to the Rev Cedric James Noel GEORGE, Margery Florence Hilda WYMAN and Robert Michael Seymour GEORGE

Wife: Dorothy Ethel Hilda MOYCE

Name: Dorothy Ethel Hilda MOYCE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 2 Nov 1888
Death 29 Jan 1964 (age 75) Horley, Surrey
Ishera, Russells Crescent
Died at Carylls Nursing Home, Horsham. Probate to Monica Rachel Weathrall GEORGE and Julia Cecilia Marion GEORGE spinsters and Robert Michael Seymour GEORGE, Solicitor

Child 1: Cedric James Noel GEORGE

Name: Cedric James Noel GEORGE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Barbara E GRIFFITHS ( - )
Birth 15 Nov 1917 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Ripon Street
Death Jan 1993 (age 75) Honiton, Devon

Child 2: Evelyn Frances Dorothy GEORGE

Name: Evelyn Frances Dorothy GEORGE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard Fuller WORSLEY (1916- )
Birth 28 Aug 1920 Kingston, Surrey
Residence 1957 (age 36-37) Fendleton, Canterbury, New Zealand
101 Windermere Road
Living with husband
Emigration from Horley, Surrey to New Zealand
Ishera, Russells Crescent
With children. Sailed on SS Rangitata on 20 Apr 1951from London
Death Oct 2003 (age 83) Haywards Heath, Sussex

Child 3: Margery Florence Hilda GEORGE

Name: Margery Florence Hilda GEORGE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Kenneth H WYMAN ( - )
Birth 15 Jan 1922 Kingston, Surrey

Child 4: Monica Rachel Weathrall GEORGE

Name: Monica Rachel Weathrall GEORGE
Sex: Female
Spouse: John R CUNNINGHAM ( - )
Birth 21 Dec 1924 Kingston, Surrey

Child 5: Robert Michael Seymour GEORGE

Name: Robert Michael Seymour GEORGE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Penelope N FERGUSON ( - )
Spouse 2: Patricia J MCCABE ( - )
Birth 23 Nov 1927 Kingston, Surrey
Death Jul 2004 (age 76) Tower Hamlets, Middlesex