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Family of John Davis SHERSTON and Innis Eliza MAXWELL

Husband: John Davis SHERSTON (1829- )
Wife: Innis Eliza MAXWELL (1827-1915)
Children: Mabel SHERSTON (1861- )
Ethel Innes SHERSTON (1864- )
William Dainton SHERSTON (1866- )
Thomas Peter Davis SHERSTON (1875- )
Marriage 13 May 1851 Leamington Priors, Warwickshire

Husband: John Davis SHERSTON

Name: John Davis SHERSTON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth May 1829 Wells, Somerset
Occupation Magistrate & <Land Owner
Census 1881 (age 51-52) Shepton Mallett, Somerset
Evercreech House, Evercreech
Married. Living with whildrren

Wife: Innis Eliza MAXWELL

Name: Innis Eliza MAXWELL
Sex: Female
Father: Hamilton George MAXWELL ( - )
Mother: Isabella BUNBURY (1799-1882)
Birth 9 Oct 1827 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1871 (age 43-44) Bramshaw, Hampshire
Burnford House
Living with husband John
Census 1891 (age 63-64) Shepton Mallett, Somerset
Evercreech House, Evercreech
Living with husband and Grandchildren
Death 31 May 1915 (age 87) Bath, Somerset

Child 1: Mabel SHERSTON

Name: Mabel SHERSTON
Sex: Female
Birth 1861 Gloucesershire

Child 2: Ethel Innes SHERSTON

Name: Ethel Innes SHERSTON
Sex: Female
Birth 1864 Gloucesershire

Child 3: William Dainton SHERSTON

Name: William Dainton SHERSTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1866 Dorset

Child 4: Thomas Peter Davis SHERSTON

Name: Thomas Peter Davis SHERSTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1875 Dorset