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Family of John Sheriff HILL and Julia SKIPPER

Husband: John Sheriff HILL (1836-1897)
Wife: Julia SKIPPER (1838-1874)
Children: John Charles HILL (1863-1943)
Dora HILL (1863-1932)
Gertrude Julia HILL (1865-1915)
Herbert James HILL (1867-1946)
Edward Roden HILL (1868-1925)
Elizabeth Maud HILL (1870-1944)
Caroline HILL (1872- )
Marriage 4 Apr 1861 Bloomsbury, Middlesex

Husband: John Sheriff HILL

Name: John Sheriff HILL
Sex: Male
Father: John HILL (1800-1859)
Mother: Elizabeth DUKE (1806-1859)
Birth 13 Aug 1836 Islington, London
30 York Place, City Road
Census 1841 (age 4-5) Islington, London
York Place
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 34-35) Long Ditton, Surrey
The Village
Living with wife Julia and children
Occupation China Manufacturer
Death 17 Jan 1897 (age 60) St Michaels, St Albans, Hertfordshire
Probate to wife Amy, the rev John Charles HILL; James Duke HILL & Hayward Radcliffe DARLINGTON, Barrister at Law

Wife: Julia SKIPPER

Name: Julia SKIPPER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1838 Bloomsbury, Middlesex
Death 14 Apr 1874 (age 35-36) Long Ditton, Surrey
Long Ditton House
Administration to husband

Child 1: John Charles HILL

Name: John Charles HILL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rosamund Agnes PARRY (1861-1947)
Birth Apr 1863 Shelton, Staffordshire
Occupation Clergyman
Census 1871 (age 7-8) Long Ditton, Surrey
The Village
Living with parents
Title Right Reverend Bishop
Census 1901 (age 37-38) Halesowen, Worcestershire
The Vicarage
Living with wife Rosamund and children Charles and Katherine
Census 1911 (age 47-48) Potters Bar, Middlesex
Pink House
Visitor in home of hayward & Dora DARLINGTON
Death 29 Mar 1943 (age 79) Long Ditton, Surrey
Harrow Cottage, Effingham Road
Died at Holbeache Trimpley, nr Bewdley, Worcestershire

Child 2: Dora HILL

Name: Dora HILL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hayward Radcliffe DARLINGTON (1863-1946)
Birth Oct 1863 Wolstanton, Staffordshire
Death 23 Oct 1932 (age 68-69) Potters Bar, Middlesex
Park House
Probate to husband Hayward & Herbert James Hill her brother

Child 3: Gertrude Julia HILL

Name: Gertrude Julia HILL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry James MUIRHEAD (1855-1913)
Birth Jan 1865 Long Ditton, Surrey
Census 1911 (age 45-46) Caterham, Surrey
Hillhurst, Salmons Lane
Living with husband Henry
Death 24 Jul 1915 (age 50) Caterham, Surrey
Hillhurst, Salmons Lane
Died at Fairfield, Hythe Kent. Probate to Charles Edward Cecil HILL

Child 4: Herbert James HILL

Name: Herbert James HILL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Charlotte Mona May HINTON (1881-1952)
Birth Jan 1867 Long Ditton, Surrey
Census 1911 (age 43-44) Surbiton, Surrey
St Leonards Lodge, St Leonards Hill
Occupation Stockbroker
Death 27 Feb 1946 (age 79) Sheringham, Norfolk
Charnwood, Abbey Road
Probate to David Cockburn BELL and Noel Julia HILL

Child 5: Edward Roden HILL

Name: Edward Roden HILL
Sex: Male
Birth 10 Nov 1868 Long Ditton, Surrey
Census 1891 (age 22-23) Dover Kent
Citadel Barracks, Hougham
2nd Ltm ist Bqttm Highland Light Infantry
Service Record btw 1899 and 1902 (age 30-34) South Africa
Second Boer War
1st Battalion Highland Light Infantry
Death Dec 1925 (age 57) Worthing, Sussex
White Lodge, Grand Avenue
Buried at Long Ditton 8th Dec 1925. Probate to Walter Fitzerald HILL, Solicitor & Frederick Adolphus HILL

Child 6: Elizabeth Maud HILL

Name: Elizabeth Maud HILL
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: William LAW (1852-1892)
Spouse 2: Walter FRITH (1856-1941)
Birth 5 Jan 1870 Long Ditton, Surrey
Census 1881 (age 10-11) Long Ditton, Surrey
Private House, Village
Living with parents and sister Caroline
Census 1891 (age 20-21) Redbourn, Hertfordshire
Hawkswick, St Albans
Living with parents
Census 1901 (age 30-31) Chelsea, london
105 Oakley Street
Living with husband Walter & son George E LAW
Census 1911 (age 40-41) Kensington, London
106 Drayton Court, Drayton Gardens
Living with husband Walter
Census 1939 (age 68-69) Worthing, Sussex
122 Rowlands Road
An aprtment in the home of Winifred E WOOTTEN. Living with her husband Walter
Death 23 Dec 1944 (age 74) Worthing, Sussex
Hope Dean, Wordsworth Road
Probate to Amy Fitzgerald SIMONDS and Henry Suckling WARD, retired solicitor

Child 7: Caroline HILL

Name: Caroline HILL
Sex: Female
Birth 1872 Long Ditton, Surrey