Family of Ralph KINDER and Annette Sophia HERRING

Husband: Ralph KINDER (1820-1897)
Wife: Annette Sophia HERRING (1817- )
Children: Ralph KINDER (1850-1893)
Louisa Frances KINDER (1853- )
James KINDER (1854- )
Edward Herring KINDER (1856- )
Annette Marion Jane KINDER (1859- )
Marriage Apr 1847 Walsingham, Norfolk

Husband: Ralph KINDER

Name: Ralph KINDER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1820 Manchester, England
Occupation Clergyman
Death 11 Aug 1897 (age 76-77) Norwich, Norfolk
2 Havelock Road, Heigham
Probate to Edward Herring KINDER

Wife: Annette Sophia HERRING

Name: Annette Sophia HERRING
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1817 Burnham West, Norfolk

Child 1: Ralph KINDER

Name: Ralph KINDER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Ellen FITZGERALD (1857-1937)
Birth Jul 1850 Rossendale, Lancashire
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Surgeon
Death 30 Aug 1893 (age 43) Haddenham, Cambridgeshire
Probate to wife Mary Ellen

Child 2: Louisa Frances KINDER

Name: Louisa Frances KINDER
Sex: Female
Birth 4 May 1853 Haslingden, Lancashire

Child 3: James KINDER

Name: James KINDER
Sex: Male
Birth 6 Sep 1854 Haslingden, Lancashire

Child 4: Edward Herring KINDER

Name: Edward Herring KINDER
Sex: Male
Birth 5 Jul 1856 Haslingden, Lancashire
Occupation Clergyman

Child 5: Annette Marion Jane KINDER

Name: Annette Marion Jane KINDER
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1859 Lumb, Lancashire