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Family of Henry Alexander Bruce MOORHOUSE and Ellen POWER

Husband: Henry Alexander Bruce MOORHOUSE (1846-1911)
Wife: Ellen POWER (1848- )
Children: John Edgar Le Poor MOORHOUSE (1872-1941)
Henry Alexander Davidson MOORHOUSE (1874-1939)
Lily E MOORHOUSE (1879-1976)
Marriage 10 Nov 1871 Exeter, Devon

Husband: Henry Alexander Bruce MOORHOUSE

Name: Henry Alexander Bruce MOORHOUSE
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Mould Edgar MOORHOUSE (1807-1857)
Mother: Mary Anne DAVIDSON (1824-1848)
Birth 8 Dec 1846 Allahabad, North West Frontier, India
Census 1871 (age 24-25) St Thomas, Devon
Albert Terrace, Saint Leonard
Visitor in home of John & Elizabeth POWER - Ellen POWER was John's half sister
Census 1881 (age 34-35) Putney, Surrey
Coverdale House
Living with wife Ellen and children
Census 1891 (age 44-45) Conway, Caernarvonshire, Wales
Glan Don, Green Hill
Census 1911 (age 64-65) Whitstable, Kent
The Homestead, Marine Parade
Occupation Clergyman
Death Jul 1911 (age 64) Chelsea, london

Wife: Ellen POWER

Name: Ellen POWER
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1848 Staffordshire

Child 1: John Edgar Le Poor MOORHOUSE

Name: John Edgar Le Poor MOORHOUSE
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Oct 1872 Dodbrooke, Devon
Census 1891 (age 18-19) Stafford, Staffordshire
61 Marston Road
Lodger. Machine Maker Fitter
Service Record 4 Sep 1917 (age 44) Innisfail, Queensland Australia
Enlisted in Australian Flying Corps. Embarked to UK 28 Feb 1918. Discharged as mediclly unfit 28 Nov1919
Residence 1919 (age 46-47) Innisfail, Queensland Australia
Occupation Carpenter
Residence btw 1930 and 1936 (age 57-64) Innisfail, Queensland Australia
Japoon, Herbert
Death 1 Feb 1941 (age 68) Innisfail, Queensland Australia

Child 2: Henry Alexander Davidson MOORHOUSE

Name: Henry Alexander Davidson MOORHOUSE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gertrude Mary KEMBER ( - )
Birth 1874 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Occupation Clergyman
Census 1891 (age 16-17) Stafford, Staffordshire
61 Marston Road
Census 1901 (age 26-27) Branksome, Dorset
The Avenue
Visitor in home of Florence E CAMPBELL
Death 10 Jan 1939 (age 64-65) London SW 16
77 Leigham Court Road
Probate to wife Gertrude

Child 3: Lily E MOORHOUSE

Sex: Female
Birth 4 Jan 1879 Dodbrooke, Devon
Census 1901 (age 21-22) Eastbourne, Sussex
72 Pevensey Road
Census 1911 (age 31-32) Lambeth, London
St Thomas Hospital
Death Jun 1976 (age 97) Bodmin, Cornwall