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Family of Stanley DARLINGTON and Bessie Burnett SUMPTON

Husband: Stanley DARLINGTON (1889-1930)
Wife: Bessie Burnett SUMPTON (1896-1930)
Marriage 26 Dec 1923 Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Husband: Stanley DARLINGTON

Name: Stanley DARLINGTON
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph DARLINGTON (1855-1907)
Mother: Alice TURNER (1852-1919)
Birth 28 Aug 1889 Ontario, Canada
Occupation Telephone Wire Chief
Death 20 Aug 1930 (age 40) Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada

Wife: Bessie Burnett SUMPTON

Name: Bessie Burnett SUMPTON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 8 Sep 1896 Ontario, Canada
Death 28 May 1930 (age 33) Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada