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Family of James WIBBY and Elizabeth Hall DARLINGTON

Husband: James WIBBY (1816-1862)
Wife: Elizabeth Hall DARLINGTON (1829- )
Children: John WIBBY (1843-1873)
Thomas Williams WIBBY (1844- )
William Williams WIBBY (1850-1893)
Joseph WIBBY (1851-1853)
Marriage 18 Oct 1841 Liverpool, Lancashire
St Nicholas

Husband: James WIBBY

Name: James WIBBY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Nov 1816 Liverpool, Lancashire
Occupation Cabinet Maker
Census 1851 (age 34-35) Manchester, England
11 Asley Street
Death Jan 1862 (age 45) Liverpool, Lancashire

Wife: Elizabeth Hall DARLINGTON

Name: Elizabeth Hall DARLINGTON
Sex: Female
Father: Richard DARLINGTON (1782- )
Mother: Alice WILLIAMS (1781-1857)
Birth Jun 1829 Liverpool, Lancashire
Simpson Street
Census 1851 (age 21-22) Kirkdale, Lancashire
54 Whittle Street
Married. Living with sons John, THomas & William
Census 1861 (age 31-32) Liverpool, Lancashire
50 Upper Milk Street
Living with husband James and sons John & William
Occupation Midwife
Census 1871 (age 41-42) Liverpool, Lancashire
10 Skirving Street
Midwife. Living with Niece & her husband - Alice & John FRENCH.
Ancestry describes John FRENCH as her son in law!!!

Child 1: John WIBBY

Name: John WIBBY
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1843 Liverpool, Lancashire
Occupation Iron Moulder
Death Jan 1873 (age 29-30) Liverpool, Lancashire

Child 2: Thomas Williams WIBBY

Name: Thomas Williams WIBBY
Sex: Male
Birth 26 Dec 1844 Liverpool, Lancashire
Gore Street
Baptism 3 Sep 1848 (age 3) Liverpool, Lancashire
St Peters

Child 3: William Williams WIBBY

Name: William Williams WIBBY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jenepher MITCHEL ( - )
Birth Apr 1850 West Derby, Lancashire
Occupation Truck Maker
Census 1861 (age 10-11) Liverpool, Lancashire
50 Upper Milk Street
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 30-31) Little Neston Cheshire
Rose Leigh
Visitor in home of John William & Georgina DARLINGTON
Death 20 Sep 1893 (age 43) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cause: Angina Pectoris

Child 4: Joseph WIBBY

Name: Joseph WIBBY
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Dec 1851 Manchester, England
Baptism 21 Mar 1852 (age 0) Manchester, England
Cathedral & Parish Church
Death Jan 1853 (age 1) Liverpool, Lancashire

Note on Wife: Elizabeth Hall DARLINGTON

19/03/18 - I am not happy in the information available on Ancestry and Findmypast with both James & Elizabeth WIBBY and their children as there are a number of anomalies in census returns and names/