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Family of Hedley R KAY and Veronica M RENDALL

Husband: Hedley R KAY (1945- )
Wife: Veronica M RENDALL (1946- )
Children: Laragh Eleanor KAY (1971- )
Marriage Jul 1970 Surrey Mid Eastern

Husband: Hedley R KAY

Name: Hedley R KAY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jan 1945 Dublin Ireland

Wife: Veronica M RENDALL

Name: Veronica M RENDALL
Sex: Female
Father: Kenneth James RENDALL (1912-1984)
Mother: Brenda Grace ANDREWS (1915-1979)
Birth Oct 1946 Surrey Mid Eastern

Child 1: Laragh Eleanor KAY

Name: Laragh Eleanor KAY
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1971 Surrey Mid Eastern