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Family of Richard COULTON and Emma MARSHALL

Husband: Richard COULTON (1841- )
Wife: Emma MARSHALL (1843- )
Children: Emma U COULTON (1865- )
Clara C COULTON (1868- )
Richard M COULTON (1870- )
Franklin P COULTON (1872- )
Blanche E COULTON (1873- )
William R COULTON (1877- )
James COULTON (1880- )
Marriage 17 Nov 1863 Perth County, Ontario, Canada

Husband: Richard COULTON

Name: Richard COULTON
Sex: Male
Father: Richard COULTON (1819-1862)
Mother: Mary UGLOW (1821-1863)
Birth Oct 1841 Totnes, Devon
Census 1880 (age 38-39) Cuyahoga, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Living with wife Emma and children
Census 1920 (age 78-79) Cuyahoga, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
East 156th Street
Living with wife Emma and daughter - Blanche and her husband Louis G POWELL and grandson John L POWELL (16)


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1843 Suffolk

Child 1: Emma U COULTON

Name: Emma U COULTON
Sex: Female
Birth 1865 Canada

Child 2: Clara C COULTON

Name: Clara C COULTON
Sex: Female
Birth 1868 Ohio, USA

Child 3: Richard M COULTON

Name: Richard M COULTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1870 Ohio, USA

Child 4: Franklin P COULTON

Name: Franklin P COULTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1872 Ohio, USA

Child 5: Blanche E COULTON

Name: Blanche E COULTON
Sex: Female
Birth 1873 Ohio, USA

Child 6: William R COULTON

Name: William R COULTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1877 Ohio, USA

Child 7: James COULTON

Name: James COULTON
Sex: Male
Birth 1880 Ohio, USA