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Family of Sidney HUNT and Evelyn Nance GIDLEY

Husband: Sidney HUNT ( -1943)
Wife: Evelyn Nance GIDLEY (1897-1985)
Children: Olive Evelyn Mary HUNT (1929- )
Marriage Oct 1927 Bristol, Gloucestershire

Husband: Sidney HUNT

Name: Sidney HUNT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death Dec 1943 Bristol, Gloucestershire

Wife: Evelyn Nance GIDLEY

Name: Evelyn Nance GIDLEY
Sex: Female
Father: John Elliott Coulton GIDLEY (1868-1946)
Mother: Mary Adeline WISE (1874-1963)
Birth 14 Dec 1897 Fishponds, Bristol
Death 23 Jun 1985 (age 87) Bristol, Gloucestershire
81 Headford Avenue

Child 1: Olive Evelyn Mary HUNT

Name: Olive Evelyn Mary HUNT
Sex: Female
Birth 30 Jan 1929 Fishponds, Bristol