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Family of Henry HAMLING and Elizabeth Hooper GREEN

Husband: Henry HAMLING (1818-1869)
Wife: Elizabeth Hooper GREEN (1821-1870)
Children: Elizabeth Green HAMLING (1850-1920)
Henry HAMLING (1852-1937)
Joseph Green HAMLING (1854-1936)
Marriage Jul 1849 Brixham, Devon

Husband: Henry HAMLING

Name: Henry HAMLING
Sex: Male
Father: John HAMLING ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1818 Dean Prior, Devon
Baptism 1 Mar 1818 (age 0) Dean Prior, Devon
Occupation Farmer - 290 acres
Census 1841 (age 22-23) Dean Prior, Devon
Farmer aged 25 which means he could have been born between 1813 and 1819. Eliza HAMLING aged 15 also in residence
Census 1851 (age 32-33) Dean Prior, Devon
Church Town
Living with wife Elizabeth Hooper and daughter Elizabeth Green. His niece Elizabeth HAMLING aged 21 also in residence as Housekeeper
Census 1861 (age 42-43) Dean Prior, Devon
Well Park, Church Town
Living with wife Elizabeth daughter Elizabeth GREEN and sons Henry & Joseph. Mother in Law Elizabeth GREEN and Brother in Law William GREEN also in residence Sister in Law Mary Ann GREEN
Death 14 Sep 1869 (age 50-51) Dean Prior, Devon
Well Park Farm
Proved to John HAMLYN of Buckfastleigh, Merchant and one of the executors

Wife: Elizabeth Hooper GREEN

Name: Elizabeth Hooper GREEN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 27 Dec 1821 Brixham, Devon
Death 14 Jun 1870 (age 48) Dean Prior, Devon
Well Park, Church Town
Widow. Administration granted to Elizabeth Green HAMLING, spinster Her daughter

Child 1: Elizabeth Green HAMLING

Name: Elizabeth Green HAMLING
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph HAMLYN (1851-1932)
Birth Apr 1850 Dean Prior, Devon
Census 1871 (age 20-21) Dean Prior, Devon
Well Park, Church Town
Living with brother Henry
Census 1881 (age 30-31) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Chapel Street
Living with husband Joseph and daughters
Census 1891 (age 40-41) Buckfastleigh, Devon
Bilberry Hill
Living with husband and daughters. Husband a Wool Merchant & Manufacturer
Census 1901 (age 50-51) East Buckfastleigh, Devon
Fullaford House
Living with husband and daughters
Census 1911 (age 60-61) East Buckfastleigh, Devon
Fullaford House
Living <ith wife and daughters. His niece Joan HAMLYN also in residence
Death Jan 1920 (age 69) Buckfastleigh, Devon

Child 2: Henry HAMLING

Name: Henry HAMLING
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ida Marianne COULTON (1851-1927)
Birth Apr 1852 Brixham, Devon
Occupation Land Agent
Census 1861 (age 8-9) Dean Prior, Devon
Well Park, Church Town
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 18-19) Dean Prior, Devon
Hill Park Farm House
Farmer of 200 acres. Living with sister Elizabeth Green HAMLING b. 1851 in Dean Prior
Residence 1881 (age 28-29) Gladstone, Wellington, New Zealand
Farm Manager. 1880/1881 Electoral Rolls
Residence 1885 (age 32-33) Marlborough, Picton, New Zealand
Canvas Town
Hotel Keeper. 1885/1886 Electoral Roll
Residence 1887 (age 34-35) Wellington, New Zealand
Lewisville Road
Wise's Directory 1887/1888
Criminal Record 10 Apr 1888 (age 35-36) Wellington, New Zealand
Offence of Larceny. Appeared on summons. Sentence - Bill ignored.
Criminal Record 31 May 1889 (age 37) Picton, New Zeland
Native of Devonshire. Insurance Agent. tried for Forgery and committed for trial but admitted for bail.
Criminal Record 21 Aug 1889 (age 37) Blenheim, New Zealand
Trial for offence of Forgery and sentenced to 12 months probation and to pay £21 costs of prosecution.

Residence 1895 (age 42-43) Picton, New Zeland
Agent. Wise's New Zealand Post Office Directory
Residence 1896 (age 43-44) Wellington, New Zealand
Ingestre Street
Death 27 Aug 1937 (age 85) Cape Town, South Africa
Cause: Chronic Fibrosis of the Lungs
Address: Cape Town Infirmary
Widower. Born in England. Resident at Salvation Army, Metropole, Cape Town. He was a Civil Engineer.

Child 3: Joseph Green HAMLING

Name: Joseph Green HAMLING
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma Maude HAMLYN (1860-1941)
Birth May 1854 Dean Prior, Devon
Census 1901 (age 46-47) Barnstaple, Devon
The Close
Living with wife Emma
Occupation Agricultural Merchant
Census 1911 (age 56-57) Barnstaple, Devon
The Close, Newport
Living with wife Emma and son
Death Apr 1936 (age 81) Barnstaple, Devon