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Family of William HAIR and Tamar NOBLE

Husband: William HAIR (1779-1864)
Wife: Tamar NOBLE (1778-1851)
Children: Elisabeth HAIR (1800-1800)
George Noble HAIR (1805-1805)
Elizabeth HAIR (1815-1815)
William Noble HAIR (1819-1819)
Marriage 20 May 1800 Nettleton, Lincolnshire

Husband: William HAIR

Name: William HAIR
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1779 Cadney, Lincolnshire
Occupation Farmer of 60 acres
Census 1841 (age 61-62) Nettleton, Lincolnshire
Living with wife Tamar
Census 1851 (age 71-72) Cadney, Lincolnshire
Living with wife Tamar and Grandnephew George S H NOBLE
Census 1861 (age 81-82) Cadney, Lincolnshire
Widower. George NOBLE b. 1809 nephew and George S H NOBLE Grandnephew also in residence
Death Jul 1864 (age 84-85) Cadney, Lincolnshire

Wife: Tamar NOBLE

Name: Tamar NOBLE
Sex: Female
Father: John NOBLE (1737-1829)
Mother: Elizabeth JACKSON (1750-1823)
Birth Sep 1778 Nettleton, Lincolnshire
Census 1841 (age 62-63) Nettleton, Lincolnshire
Living with husband William
Census 1851 (age 72-73) Cadney, Lincolnshire
Death 30 Oct 1851 (age 73) Nettleton, Lincolnshire
Living with husband William. George F H NOBLE her nephew also in residence b. 1839

Child 1: Elisabeth HAIR

Name: Elisabeth HAIR
Sex: Female
Birth Dec 1800 Cadney, Lincolnshire
Death Dec 1800 (age 0) Cadney, Lincolnshire

Child 2: George Noble HAIR

Name: George Noble HAIR
Sex: Male
Birth Oct 1805 Nettleton, Lincolnshire
Death Oct 1805 (age 0) Nettleton, Lincolnshire

Child 3: Elizabeth HAIR

Name: Elizabeth HAIR
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1815 Nettleton, Lincolnshire
Death Jul 1815 (age 0) Nettleton, Lincolnshire

Child 4: William Noble HAIR

Name: William Noble HAIR
Sex: Male
Birth Dec 1819 Nettleton, Lincolnshire
Death Dec 1819 (age 0) Nettleton, Lincolnshire