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Family of Edward Norman NORMAN-BUTLER and Belinda Margaret Thackeray RITCHIE

Husband: Edward Norman NORMAN-BUTLER (1907-1963)
Wife: Belinda Margaret Thackeray RITCHIE (1908-2009)
Children: Christopher Thackeray NORMAN-BUTLER (1933-1992)
Catherine M NORMAN-BUTLER (1941- )
Marriage 24 Nov 1931 Westminster, London
St Martin in the Fields

Husband: Edward Norman NORMAN-BUTLER

Name: Edward Norman NORMAN-BUTLER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jul 1907 Bromley, Kent
Occupation Bank Official
Travel 3 May 1947 (age 39) New York, USA
Travelled alone on SS Queen Elizabeth from Southampton to New York. Resident at 7 St Albans Grove, London W8
Death 12 Feb 1963 (age 55) London W8, Middlesex
7 St Albans Grove
Died at St Thomas Hospital. Probate to Martins Bank

Wife: Belinda Margaret Thackeray RITCHIE

Name: Belinda Margaret Thackeray RITCHIE
Sex: Female
Father: William Thackeray Denis RITCHIE (1880-1964)
Mother: Margaret Pauline BOOTH (1879-1970)
Birth 10 Dec 1908 Chelsea, london
Residence 1930 (age 21-22) Kensington, London
17 Argyle Road
Living with parents and brother James
Residence 1954 (age 45-46) Kensington, London
403b, Stanford Road
Living with husband Edward
Death 2009 (age 100-101) Isle of Wight, Hampshire

Child 1: Christopher Thackeray NORMAN-BUTLER

Name: Christopher Thackeray NORMAN-BUTLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann HAYES ( - )
Birth 25 Dec 1933 Westminster, London
Residence 1960 (age 26-27) Kensington, London
7 St Albans Grove
Living with parents
Death 23 Apr 1992 (age 58) London SW1
23 Ashley Gardens
Died in Brussels, Belgium

Child 2: Catherine M NORMAN-BUTLER

Name: Catherine M NORMAN-BUTLER
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1941 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire