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Family of Harry Charlie POTTER and Annie Egg WARR

Husband: Harry Charlie POTTER (1864-1913)
Wife: Annie Egg WARR (1870-1951)
Children: Elsie POTTER (1897- )
Phyllis POTTER (1900- )
Gladys Georgina POTTER (1901-1982)
Dorothy Annie POTTER (1904- )
Hettie May POTTER (1905- )
Charles Henry POTTER (1906- )
George Walter POTTER (1907-1987)
Marriage Jul 1895 Brighton, Sussex

Husband: Harry Charlie POTTER

Name: Harry Charlie POTTER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1864 Brighton, Sussex
Occupation Shop Assistant - Tailor
Death Jan 1913 (age 48) Brighton, Sussex

Wife: Annie Egg WARR

Name: Annie Egg WARR
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Henry WARR (1844-1923)
Mother: Ann EGG (1845-1932)
Birth Oct 1870 Furn Minster, Dorset
Census 1871 (age 0-1) Brighton, Sussex
38 Queens Gardens
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 10-11) Brighton, Sussex
11 Black Lion Street
Living with parents
Census 1901 (age 30-31) Brighton, Sussex
23 Wichelo Place
Living with husband and children
Census 1911 (age 40-41) Brighton, Sussex
44 Totland Road
Living with husband and children
Death Dec 1951 (age 81) Eastbourne, Sussex

Child 1: Elsie POTTER

Name: Elsie POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1897 Brighton, Sussex

Child 2: Phyllis POTTER

Name: Phyllis POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1900 Brighton, Sussex

Child 3: Gladys Georgina POTTER

Name: Gladys Georgina POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 28 Jun 1901 Brighton, Sussex
Death Oct 1982 (age 81) Eastbourne, Sussex

Child 4: Dorothy Annie POTTER

Name: Dorothy Annie POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1904 Brighton, Sussex

Child 5: Hettie May POTTER

Name: Hettie May POTTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1905 Brighton, Sussex

Child 6: Charles Henry POTTER

Name: Charles Henry POTTER
Sex: Male
Birth 1906 Brighton, Sussex

Child 7: George Walter POTTER

Name: George Walter POTTER
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Nov 1907 Brighton, Sussex
Death Nov 1987 (age 79-80) Greenwich London