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Family of Alfred Bernard PHELAN and Ada Caroline SWINHOE

Husband: Alfred Bernard PHELAN (1847-1922)
Wife: Ada Caroline SWINHOE (1853-1939)
Children: Wilfred Swinhoe PHELAN (1877-1937)
Ada Maud Scott PHELAN (1878-1977)
Cecil Bernard Swinhoe PHELAN (1879-1918)
Marriage 24 Feb 1876 Lahore, Bengal, India

Husband: Alfred Bernard PHELAN

Name: Alfred Bernard PHELAN
Sex: Male
Father: Bernard Paul PHELAN (1804-1890)
Mother: Sarah ACOCKS (1810-1911)
Birth 21 Dec 1847 Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland
Education 1867 (age 19-20) Bachelor of Arts from Dublin University
13 April 1890 - Elected as Member of the Institute of Civil Engineers
Census 1911 (age 63-64) Cricklewood, Middlesex
22 Chichele Road
Married. Living with Mother Sarah b. 1811 and son Wilfred and daughter Ada Maud.
Occupation Civil Engineer
Residence btw 1915 and 1922 (age 67-75) Folkestone, Kent
7 Marten Road
Ada and son Wilfred in residence in 1921 & 1922; Electoral Roll
Death 6 Nov 1922 (age 74) Folkestone, Kent
7 Marten Road
Probate to Ada Caroline

Wife: Ada Caroline SWINHOE

Name: Ada Caroline SWINHOE
Sex: Female
Father: Frederick W SWINHOE (1822-1907)
Mother: Anne Caroline TALBOT (1831-1922)
Birth 4 Feb 1853 Murree, Bengal, India
Census 1861 (age 7-8) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Eslington House
Living with her Grandparents Samuel & Emily SWINHOE
Census 1871 (age 17-18) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Eslington House
Living with Grandmother Emily
Census 1891 (age 37-38) Folkestone, Kent
15 Kingsworth Gardens
Married. Living with daughter Ada
Census 1901 (age 47-48) Kensington, London
11 Templeton Place.
Married. Boarder
Census 1911 (age 57-58) Folkestone, Kent
36 Bouverie Square
Married. Boarder in home of Lilian GREEN
Census 1939 (age 85-86) Folkestone, Kent
92 Cheriton Road
Described as single. Boarding
Death 10 Dec 1939 (age 86) Folkestone, Kent
223 Claremont Road
Died at 108 Cheriton Road. Probate to James Tisdale DAVIDSON, Solicitor

Child 1: Wilfred Swinhoe PHELAN

Name: Wilfred Swinhoe PHELAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ida Mabel C EARL (1886-1979)
Birth 28 Jan 1877 Delhi, India
Occupation Army - 2nd Lieutenant - Sherwood Foresters
Death 18 Sep 1937 (age 60) Folkestone, Kent

Child 2: Ada Maud Scott PHELAN

Name: Ada Maud Scott PHELAN
Sex: Female
Birth 13 May 1878 Delhi, India
Emigration 15 Jul 1911 (age 33) from Cricklewood, London to Quebec, Canada
22 Chichele Road
Travelled on SS Laurentic departing Liverpool on 11the July
Census 1911 (age 32-33) Cricklewood, London
22 Chichele Road
Living with Father and brother.
Census 1921 (age 42-43) Vancouver, British Columbia
538 Lonsdale Avenue
Death 12 Jul 1977 (age 99) North Vancouver, Canada

Child 3: Cecil Bernard Swinhoe PHELAN

Name: Cecil Bernard Swinhoe PHELAN
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Ellen (Ellie) Agnes HURLEY (1877-1950)
Spouse 2: Florence Winifred Muriel NORMAN (1888-1973)
Birth 15 Nov 1879 Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland
Census 1891 (age 11-12) Folkestone, Kent
Pelham House, Bouverie Road East
Travel 14 Aug 1902 (age 22) Gibraltar
Travelled on SS Hamburg from Gibraltar to Southampton alone
Travel 9 Jul 1906 (age 26) Cape Town, South Africa
Travelled alone from Southampton to Cape Town, South Africa sailing on the Dunluce Castle
Travel 15 May 1909 (age 29) Cape Town, South Africa
Sailed from Southampton to Cape Town alone on SS Gaika
Immigration 22 Dec 1910 (age 31) to Flint, Michigan; USA from UK
Travelled on SS Empress of Ireland arriving with daughter Elaine on
Census 1911 (age 31-32) Victoria B.C., Canada
159 Johnston
Living with wife Muriel and daughter Elaine
Occupation Barrister
Travel 8 Aug 1917 (age 37) Seattle, Washington, USA
Travelled from Victoria B.C; with wife Muriel
Death 14 May 1918 (age 38) Flint, Michigan; USA
Cause: Pleural Pneumonia
Desxribed as Red Cross Field Worker. Wife shown as Marion?

Note on Husband: Alfred Bernard PHELAN

19 Sept 1875 - Initiated into Light of the North Masonic Lodge, Dalhousie, Punjab, India