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Family of John HIGGINS and Sophia BATT

Husband: John HIGGINS (1757-1827)
Wife: Sophia BATT (1763-1817)
Children: John HIGGINS (1785-1823)
Mary HIGGINS (1789-1790)
William HIGGINS (1793- )
Elizabeth HIGGINS (1795- )
Ann HIGGINS (1798-1800)
James HIGGINS (1804-1866)
Marriage 7 Apr 1785 Witham Friary, Somerset
John HIGGINS said to be of BREWHAM and Sophia to be of Witham Priory. See notes re these villages.

Husband: John HIGGINS

Name: John HIGGINS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Sep 1757 Bruton, Somerset
Occupation Cheese Dealer
Death 2 Jul 1827 (age 69) Bruton, Somerset

Wife: Sophia BATT

Name: Sophia BATT
Sex: Female
Father: Alder John BATT (1717-1791)
Mother: Jane RUTLEY (1735-1807)
Birth Nov 1763 Witham Friary, Somerset
Death Jan 1817 (age 53) Bruton, Somerset

Child 1: John HIGGINS

Name: John HIGGINS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane COLLINS (1794-1875)
Birth 23 Nov 1785 Bruton, Somerset
Death Dec 1823 (age 38) Bruton, Somerset

Child 2: Mary HIGGINS

Name: Mary HIGGINS
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Jun 1789 Bruton, Somerset
Death Mar 1790 (age 0) Bruton, Somerset

Child 3: William HIGGINS

Name: William HIGGINS
Sex: Male
Birth 12 Apr 1793 Bruton, Somerset
Occupation Farmer
Census 1851 (age 57-58) Monckton Deverill, Wiltshire
Living with wife Ann (49)

Child 4: Elizabeth HIGGINS

Name: Elizabeth HIGGINS
Sex: Female
Birth 30 May 1795 Bruton, Somerset

Child 5: Ann HIGGINS

Sex: Female
Birth 10 May 1798 Bruton, Somerset
Death Apr 1800 (age 1) Bruton, Somerset

Child 6: James HIGGINS

Name: James HIGGINS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane BIRD (1801-1872)
Birth 5 Aug 1804 Bruton, Somerset
Census 1851 (age 46-47) Guildford, Surrey
Ship Inn
Living with wife Jane and son James and stepson Thomas WOOD
Occupation Cattle Dealer & Publican
Census 1861 (age 56-57) Guildford, Surrey
Ship Inn
Living with wife Jane and son James
Death 25 Mar 1866 (age 61) Guildford, Surrey
St Catherines Hill
Will proved by wife Jane

Note on Husband: John HIGGINS

Bruton, Witham Friary & Brewham are all villages close to each other and near to Shepton Mallet, Somerset