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Family of Alfred Claude COSNAHAN and Daphne Guy JACKSON

Husband: Alfred Claude COSNAHAN (1929-2001)
Wife: Daphne Guy JACKSON
Children: Peter Sean COSNAHAN
David Paul COSNAHAN (1962-1990)

Husband: Alfred Claude COSNAHAN

Name: Alfred Claude COSNAHAN
Sex: Male
Father: Alfred Claude COSNAHAN (1900-1929)
Mother: Violet Hilda ROBERTS (1905-1957)
Birth 7 Oct 1929 Oswestry, Shropshire
14 Smithfield Street
Death Sep 2001 (age 71) Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Wife: Daphne Guy JACKSON

Name: Daphne Guy JACKSON
Sex: Female
Father: William Guy JACKSON (1894-1986)
Mother: Evelyn Florence LEWIS (1899-1995)

Child 1: Peter Sean COSNAHAN

Name: Peter Sean COSNAHAN
Sex: Male

Child 2: Guy Tuson COSNAHAN

Name: Guy Tuson COSNAHAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Jean BRADLEY

Child 3: David Paul COSNAHAN

Name: David Paul COSNAHAN
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Jan 1962 Oswestry, Shropshire
Death Oct 1990 (age 28) Stoke on Trent Staffordshire