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Family of Fabian Avenarius LLOYD and Mina LOY

Husband: Fabian Avenarius LLOYD (1887-1918)
Wife: Mina LOY (1882-1966)
Children: Fabienne LLOYD (1919-1997)
Marriage 1918 Mexico

Husband: Fabian Avenarius LLOYD

Name: Fabian Avenarius LLOYD
Sex: Male
Father: Otho Holland LLOYD (1856-1943)
Mother: Hélene (Nellie) Clara St Clair HUTCHINSON (1863-1934)
Birth 22 May 1887 Lausanne, Switzerland
Repos Cottage
Changed his name to Arthur Craven. see Wikipedia for more information and
Death 1918 (age 30-31) Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean

Wife: Mina LOY

Name: Mina LOY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 27 Dec 1882 Hampstead Middlesex
Death 25 Sep 1966 (age 83) Aspen, Colarado, USA

Child 1: Fabienne LLOYD

Name: Fabienne LLOYD
Sex: Female
Birth 5 Apr 1919
Death 1997 (age 77-78) Aspen, Colarado, USA