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Family of Charles Robson GRAHAM and Louisa RICHINGS

Husband: Charles Robson GRAHAM (1870-1915)
Wife: Louisa RICHINGS (1870-1911)
Children: George Robson GRAHAM (1900-1978)
Louise GRAHAM (1902-1943)
Barbara Robson GRAHAM (1904-1994)
Marriage 21 Dec 1897 Wanstead, Essex

Husband: Charles Robson GRAHAM

Name: Charles Robson GRAHAM
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth May 1870 Poplar London
Occupation Licensed Victualler
Census 1911 (age 40-41) East Ham, Essex
Coach & Horses, Manor Road
Death 5 May 1915 (age 44-45) Ilford, Essex
8 Richmond Road
Died at The London Hospital. Probate to George Robson GRAHAM

Wife: Louisa RICHINGS

Name: Louisa RICHINGS
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph RICHINGS (1837-1907)
Mother: Elizabeth Stevens GREENSLADE (1836-1910)
Birth Jan 1870 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Baptism 7 Aug 1870 (age 0) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
St Giles
Census 1891 (age 20-21) Poplar London
Living with sister Catherine and her husband James
Census 1901 (age 30-31) East Ham, Essex
938 Romford Road
Living with husband George and son.
Occupation Dressmaker
Death 14 Feb 1911 (age 41) Manor Park, Essex
938 Romford Road
Probate to son

Child 1: George Robson GRAHAM

Name: George Robson GRAHAM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lilian Violet LEADER (1898-1978)
Birth 6 Apr 1900 Manor Park, Essex
Occupation Commercial Clerk
Census 1939 (age 38-39) Wanstead, Essex
12 Dover Road
Death 5 May 1978 (age 78) Witham, Essex
Dengie Farm

Child 2: Louise GRAHAM

Name: Louise GRAHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edwin William BOWN (1906-2001)
Birth 27 Nov 1902 Manor Park, Essex
Census 1939 (age 36-37) Penge, Surrey
11Haysleigh Gardens
Living with husband Edward and two children
Death 6 Jan 1943 (age 40) Penge, Surrey
11Haysleigh Gardens
Died at St Barts, London

Child 3: Barbara Robson GRAHAM

Name: Barbara Robson GRAHAM
Sex: Female
Spouse: William King BEDINGFIELD (1904-1969)
Birth 4 Mar 1904 Manor Park, Essex
Census 1939 (age 34-35) Merton, Surrey
58 Camberley Avenue
Living with husband William
Death 13 Sep 1994 (age 90) Umberleigh, Devon
Little Silver House, High Bickington