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Family of Francis PICTET and Rose Prinsep MACKENZIE

Husband: Francis PICTET (1832-1895)
Wife: Rose Prinsep MACKENZIE (1835-1913)
Children: Georgiana Anna Mary PICTET (1862-1944)
Adeline Mary Frances PICTET (1864-1919)
Francis Stewart PICTET (1866-1947)
Florence Rose PICTET (1868-1885)
Constance Geraldine Blanche PICTET (1872-1949)
Marriage 10 Dec 1861 Secunderabad, Madras, India

Husband: Francis PICTET

Name: Francis PICTET
Sex: Male
Father: Armand Jacques PICTET ( -1861)
Mother: -
Birth 1832 Switzerland
Occupation Army - Captain 49th Madras Army
Immigration 15 May 1849 (age 16-17) to Dover Kent from Geneva, Switzerland
Census 1871 (age 38-39) Westminster, London
4 Frith Street
Death 18 May 1895 (age 62-63) Penzance, Cornwall

Wife: Rose Prinsep MACKENZIE

Name: Rose Prinsep MACKENZIE
Sex: Female
Father: Colin MACKENZIE C.B. (1806-1881)
Mother: Adeline Maria PATTLE (1812-1836)
Birth 28 Oct 1835 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1871 (age 35-36) Portsea Island, Hampshire
St Helen Crescent
Living alone with children
Census 1891 (age 55-56) Willesden, Middlesex
63 Torbay Road
Living with daughter Constance
Residence 1906 (age 70-71) Camden Middlesex
12 Canfield Gardens
Electoral Roll
Census 1911 (age 75-76) Kensington, London
17 Kensington Court Gardens
Living with her daughter Constance Geraldine Blanche WILEY and her husband Reginald. Adeline Mary Frances BURGESS her other daughter also in residence
Death 6 Nov 1913 (age 78) Sutton, Surrey
Ra Whiti, Devonshire Avenue
Probate to Constance Geraldine WILEY (wife of Reginald Scruton WILEY)

Child 1: Georgiana Anna Mary PICTET

Name: Georgiana Anna Mary PICTET
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Edward Pascoe GRENFELL (1865-1930)
Birth 12 Sep 1862 Vepery, Madras, India
Death Jun 1944 (age 81) Kensington, London

Child 2: Adeline Mary Frances PICTET

Name: Adeline Mary Frances PICTET
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Edward Ernest BRICE (1853- )
Spouse 2: John BURGESS ( - )
Birth 25 Oct 1864 Bath, Somerset
Kelston Villa, Wells Road, Lyncombe
Baptism 19 Jan 1865 (age 0) Lyncombe & Widcombe, Somerset
St Marks
Death 7 Jul 1919 (age 54) Bloomsbury, Middlesex
Ivanhoe Hotel

Child 3: Francis Stewart PICTET

Name: Francis Stewart PICTET
Sex: Male
Spouse: Minnie Pryce WHITE (1857- )
Birth 4 Jun 1866 Bath, Somerset
Kelston Villa, Wells Road, Lyncombe
Census 1871 (age 4-5) Portsea Island, Hampshire
St Helen Crescent
Living with Mother
Census 1881 (age 14-15) Deptford, Kent
Royal Naval School
Residence 1936 (age 69-70) Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia
Red Roof, Blaxland Road
Retired, Living with wife Minnie
Death 9 May 1947 (age 80) Wentworth Falls, New South Wales, Australia

Child 4: Florence Rose PICTET

Name: Florence Rose PICTET
Sex: Female
Birth 1868 Channel Islands
Death 27 Jan 1885 (age 16-17) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Child 5: Constance Geraldine Blanche PICTET

Name: Constance Geraldine Blanche PICTET
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Thomas Field Shershaw Powell GILBERT (1858-1904)
Spouse 2: Reginald Scruton WILEY (1872-1927)
Birth 25 Feb 1872 Ramsgate, Kent
Baptism 4 Mar 1873 (age 1) Ramsgate, Kent
St Georges
Fathers name given as James PICTET? and Mother Rose Prinsess PICTET
Census 1911 (age 38-39) Kensington, London
17 Kensington Court Gardens
Living with Husband Reginald (married 9 years) in home of her Mother
Census 1939 (age 66-67) Richmond Surrey
192 Sheen Court
Widowed. Living with housekeeper
Death Jul 1949 (age 77) Lambeth, London