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Family of William Fullerton MACTIER and Adeline Anne BAYLEY

Husband: William Fullerton MACTIER (1822-1915)
Wife: Adeline Anne BAYLEY (1842-1906)
Children: William Butterworth MACTIER (1865- )
Henry McKinnon MACTIER (1866-1915)
Anthony Douglas MACTIER (1868- )
Maria L MACTIER (1870- )
Adeline H MACTIER (1871- )
Charles B MACTIER (1873- )
Minnie M MACTIER (1880- )
Marriage 21 Apr 1863 Barrackpore, Bengal, India

Husband: William Fullerton MACTIER

Name: William Fullerton MACTIER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1 Oct 1822 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Surgeon
Death 19 Jun 1915 (age 92) St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Kinnessburn House
Estate value £20250

Wife: Adeline Anne BAYLEY

Name: Adeline Anne BAYLEY
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Vincent BAYLEY (1816-1873)
Mother: Louisa Colebrooke PATTLE (1821-1873)
Birth 22 Oct 1842 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Census 1881 (age 38-39) St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Kinnessburn House
Livingwith husband and children
Census 1891 (age 48-49) St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Kinnessburn House
Living with husband and children
Death 26 Sep 1906 (age 63) St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Kinnessburn House

Child 1: William Butterworth MACTIER

Name: William Butterworth MACTIER
Sex: Male
Birth 1865
Occupation Medical Practitioner

Child 2: Henry McKinnon MACTIER

Name: Henry McKinnon MACTIER
Sex: Male
Birth 21 Jul 1866 Blairgowrie, Perth, SCotland
Occupation Army - Major
Death 12 Mar 1915 (age 48) France
Cause: Killed in Action
39th Garwhal Rifles

Child 3: Anthony Douglas MACTIER

Name: Anthony Douglas MACTIER
Sex: Male
Birth 1868 Scotland

Child 4: Maria L MACTIER

Name: Maria L MACTIER
Sex: Female
Birth 1870 Scotland

Child 5: Adeline H MACTIER

Name: Adeline H MACTIER
Sex: Female
Birth 1871 Prersie, Perthshire, Scotland
Strone of Scully House

Child 6: Charles B MACTIER

Name: Charles B MACTIER
Sex: Male
Birth 1873

Child 7: Minnie M MACTIER

Name: Minnie M MACTIER
Sex: Female
Birth 1880