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Family of George Edward HAYNIE and Jessie NEWLANDS

Husband: George Edward HAYNIE (1879-1947)
Wife: Jessie NEWLANDS (1889-1964)
Children: Bettie C HAYNIE (1914- )
Mary S HAYNIE (1916- )

Husband: George Edward HAYNIE

Name: George Edward HAYNIE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 2 Jul 1879 Missouri, USA
Occupation Medical Practitioner
Death 22 Sep 1947 (age 68) Ness County, Kansas, USA

Wife: Jessie NEWLANDS

Name: Jessie NEWLANDS
Sex: Female
Father: Christopher NEWLANDS (1852-1932)
Mother: Elizabeth CORKLE (1848-1905)
Birth 24 Jan 1889
Census 1915 (age 25-26) Cherokee, Kansas, USA
Living with usband George and daughter Betty
Census 1920 (age 30-31) Cherokee, Kansas, USA
East Maple Street, Colombus
Living with husband & children. Chris Newlands also in residence
Death 10 May 1964 (age 75) Ness County, Kansas, USA

Child 1: Bettie C HAYNIE

Name: Bettie C HAYNIE
Sex: Female
Birth 1914 Cherokee, Kansas, USA

Child 2: Mary S HAYNIE

Name: Mary S HAYNIE
Sex: Female
Birth 1916