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Family of William HOLT and Agness Britton NEWLANDS

Husband: William HOLT (1857- )
Wife: Agness Britton NEWLANDS (1871-1949)
Children: Robert B HOLT (1892-1941)
Maggie B HOLT (1895-1975)
Harold HOLT (1896- )
Elsie E HOLT (1900- )
Jessie M HOLT (1903-1920)
Georgina B HOLT (1907- )
William E HOLT (1909-1959)
Marriage 1892 Cherokee, Kansas, USA

Husband: William HOLT

Name: William HOLT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Feb 1857 England
Occupation Coal Miner

Wife: Agness Britton NEWLANDS

Name: Agness Britton NEWLANDS
Sex: Female
Father: George Waddell NEWLANDS (1825-1890)
Mother: Margaret BRITTAIN (1827-1909)
Birth 16 Apr 1871 Whitburn, Lanarkshire
Mother shown as Margaret BRITTON
Census 1881 (age 9-10) Whitburn, Lanarkshire
Living with parents
Census 1910 (age 38-39) Cherokee, Kansas, USA
Living with husband and children. James NEWLANDS her brother also in residence
Census 1915 (age 43-44) Cherokee, Kansas, USA
Living with husband and children
Death 7 Sep 1949 (age 78) Colombus, Cherokee, Kansas, USA

Child 1: Robert B HOLT

Name: Robert B HOLT
Sex: Male
Birth Mar 1892 Cherokee, Kansas, USA
Death 1941 (age 48-49)

Child 2: Maggie B HOLT

Name: Maggie B HOLT
Sex: Female
Birth Jun 1895 Cherokee, Kansas, USA
Death 1975 (age 79-80)

Child 3: Harold HOLT

Name: Harold HOLT
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1896 Cherokee, Kansas, USA

Child 4: Elsie E HOLT

Name: Elsie E HOLT
Sex: Female
Birth 1900 Cherokee, Kansas, USA

Child 5: Jessie M HOLT

Name: Jessie M HOLT
Sex: Female
Birth 1903 Cherokee, Kansas, USA
Death 1920 (age 16-17)

Child 6: Georgina B HOLT

Name: Georgina B HOLT
Sex: Female
Birth 1907 Cherokee, Kansas, USA

Child 7: William E HOLT

Name: William E HOLT
Sex: Male
Birth 1909 Cherokee, Kansas, USA
Death 1959 (age 49-50)